Sunday, April 12, 2015

Little bit of Missouri

It has been a bit since my last blog post. A lot has happened and JCM is getting so big. After Salmon Falls 50k, we had a big trip planned. We were headed to Missouri, to visit my wife's family. This was a big trip as it would be JCM's first flight and our first flight with a newborn. It was going to be challenging, but we were up for it. JCM did great on the flight, he didn't make a peep and slept most of the flight which was great. The challenging part was the drive. Once we arrived in Missouri, we had a 3 hour car drive to Grandma's house which ended up taking us 4 fours because we had to stop a few times to calm/feed JCM. But other then that he did great.

It was a long journey,  but glad we made it to grandma's house

Grandma and the family were super excited to see him and pretty much couldn't put him. We saw pretty much the entire family while we were in Missouri and there was even meet Baby JCM party. It was a great trip.

Missouri Landscape

The last time I was in Missouri I had mentioned to my wife that I wanted to go to the Fantastic Caverns. Missouri is known for there caves, there are a ton of caves that can be visited throughout the state and Fantastic Caverns just happens to be down the street. What makes this cave system different is it is America's only Ride Thru Cave system. Pretty cool. Well, be loaded up the family and took an adventure. I enjoyed the tour and we saw a lot of cool things in the cave. It was a pretty massive cave system and a few years ago it did flood and it has 2 sink holes. When we go back, I wouldn't mind visiting another cave as I find that kind of thing interesting. 

He has grown so much!

After visiting grandma at their place we once again had a long journey ahead of us. We had a 3 hr drive back to St. Joe, and it took us 6 hours as JCM was having some gas and we were needing to stop to sooth/calm him down. It was a long trip but we made it. He was a trooper. 

All ready for St. Patrick's day. 

Tired little guy from the trip

His overall's which are super cute on him. 

While in Missouri we also went to Jamestown. Jamestown is a historic place and home to the Amish. There is also a lot of antique stores and we walked through all of them and ended up with some pretty cool things that we mailed home.

JCM meet Ma and Paw, great grandma and great grandpa.

I enjoyed taking photos of grandma and Ma and Paw's land. 

Such a handsome little guy!!

Missouri was great, but we were very happy once we made it back home. Once home I resumed my training  as I had a race coming that I was using as a training run. The American River 50 miler didn't go as planned, but I write more on that later. For now, I hope you enjoy the pictures of JCM just as much as I do.