Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Challenging day in the Canyon

I signed up to do day 1 of the Western States Training run last week, and then a few days later I received an email stating that the course had to be changed due to snow in the high country. The course was re-routed as follows, take the buses down to drivers flat and run the cal loop in reverse. Then you pass your car at the school and continue for 6 miles to Michigan bluff where you would turn around and head back to the school.
Now I have run Cal loop down of course and it is a very tough run with bone jarring descents and some climbs, but in reverse all those descents I would be climbing. Plus I really wanted to run in the canyon. I did what any ultra runner would do who wanted to run in the canyons I emailed Wonder Woman and we planned on running with Captain Kirk and his group of runners. Yeah!!! I get to run in the canyons and then reality set it, ohhh SH$% what am I doing?

I arrived at Foresthill school really early, I was wide awake at 2:30am and I took my time getting ready in the morning, but obviously when I have to much time I forget to check my pack on last time. I had left my 2 honey stinger waffles at home....which was vital later on in my run. I arrived and parked and just sat there watching the fog roll in. I met up with Wonder Woman and Captain Kirk and I was very excited, in fact I was all smiles from ear to ear. Probably because my foot was aching only a little bit but more so because I was going to be running.

Do you see Captain Kirk?

Right before we left, all smiles

We started our run around 7am. Captain Kirk explained to us we would be following the yellow ribbons, but he would make sure we made it to Michigan Bluff since that part could and was a bit tricky. We were only running for maybe less then a mile when we had our first huge descent, it was on pavement. While running down I just kept thinking I have to run back up this. It is about 1 mile on pavement down followed by at least 2 more miles on some single track trail. So far my foot was holding up and I told myself if I can make it through that technical section I can do this run. Once at the base there was the creek crossing. When we crossed it going out there was no rope to help guide us. But being the gentleman he is Captain Kirk assisted both Wonder Woman and myself across to safety. I would not have wanted to take a wrong step and end up soaking wet as it was pretty chilly the entire run.

Captain Kirk helping us across the creek crossing

After the creek crossing we had our first major climb of the day. Captain Kirk and his boys were phenomenal and Wonder Woman was an animal they took off like it was just a walk in the park. For me it was a different story, my legs were feeling dead and really loaded and heavy. I couldn't find a rhythm. I ran when I could but my legs were not having anything to do with it. I just kept trucking forward. Once at the top Wonder Woman was there to make sure I knew where to go. Then Captain Kirk came back to check on us, guess I must have been really slow on that climb. But what a great friend those two are. We ran into Michigan Bluff laughing and telling stories. My legs finally came back to me and my running became more fluid.

Michigan bluff had some awesome views, the entire run was very pretty and green. I could hear the wind blowing through the trees, random birds chirping, and the sound of my footsteps running over the pine needles and the smell of the Forest. What a way to bring the senses to life.

Now that we were at the top of Michigan bluff it was time for another bone jarring descent. This time it was 2.5 miles on some very tacky technical single track trail. I took up the rear and off we went. It was a awesome descent but very fast. I am not sure how long it took get down but it was a good while. At least 20 minutes. On the way down I saw Coach Nikon. He was out running with Kuni who he will be pacing this year at states. Coach Nikon was on his way back out. I stopped and talked for a bit and then we were both on our way, me I was still going down. This descent was giving me a beating it felt like. I needed every muscle to control my speed, I had to watch where I placed bad foot as one bad placement would cause some shooting pain.

It's Coach Nikon!

The new JCPenny pose

At the bottom of the descent I started my 5 mile ascent up the canyon. Yup, 5 grueling miles. I spent alot

We ran towards Devil's thumb, once at the thumb I looked at her and was having a hard time deciding what I wanted to do. I knew if I went down it was going to be a monstrous climb back up from swinging bridge. I followed her and she said once she reached the bottom she would turn around this way if I needed to turn around I could. It was really fun going down, it was fast switch back after switch back, one huge tree we had to hurtle and then more switch backs.

As I continued down I stopped and reassessed the situation. I was maybe half mile shy of swing bridge, and I turned around. Who in there right mind turns around with only .5 to go. Me that is who. I had had enough. I started my ascent and soon the entire group had passed me. They all made it look so effortless. I kept moving and met up with the group back at the water pump. Devil's thumb kicked my ass! By now my foot was killing me with each step. It felt like it had cramped and each step caused pain on the outer top portion of my foot I couldn't even move my toes without pain which made climbing very hard.

Going up the thumb, look at those animals

The break at the water pump was long enough for me to tie my shoe and we were off. I managed to keep up with Captain Kirk and Wonder Woman for a few miles but that was short lived when we started our 5 mile descent down Michigan Bluff. they were off to the races, and my body was hurting from the continuous pounding and punishment of the trails. I couldn't find a rhythm and each step caused pain to shoot through my foot and then my right knee started screaming at me which shot pain up my leg and into my lower back. I slowed my descent down to see if that would help, it did but I was having a hard time keeping things in control. This was the longest 5 miles today, it never ended the pain never ended. I had to take 2 Tylenol just to calm everything down.

At the base I now had at least a 2.5 mile ascent. I tackled it, I just kept moving. 2.5 miles is a long time when you are alone. I did hike out with one other runner and we just kept pushing each other. I ran very small sections like 20 yards when I could. It was steep and never ended. More switch backs after switch backs and then finally I could see houses. I had made it to the top of Michigan bluff. But mentally I was down. I didn't want to finish the final 6 miles. I was broken and spent and my stomach wasn't feeling well, it was turning. I saw Wonder Woman and I just looked at her and told her I don't think I can finish this. Everything hurts. She encouraged me and told me I could do it, she would stay with me during this section. We started running/shuffling as everything was stiff and sore. As we were about to hit the dirt road there was a dog out and about. This dog was a pit bull. We both tensed up a bit and just kept moving hoping the pit bull would move along.

We hit the fire road and I shuffled along. We passed a few of the runners who had run the training run and were making their way back. Wonder Woman was fantastic. We hit the final descent and I had take it a bit slow. Each step caused pain, as I winded my way down I just kept thinking I have to climb out. I arrived at the creek crossing and saw that someone had put a rope up to help assist the runners across. I soaked my feet and knee in the creek for a bit just to quiet down the pain.

Then it was time to climb. As we were climbing it started raining. It was a very cold rain and the skies slowly opened up on us. It was so cold I couldn't feel my fingers or arms. We were just a few miles from the cars. As I was climbing out on the single track I began to feel really nauseous. I felt like I was going to get sick at any moment. It took everything I had to keep moving. I arrived at the road and Wonder Woman was there waiting for me. She asked how I was doing and I told her I felt like I was going to get sick. She asked if I wanted to eat a waffle. I told her I had some in my side pouch only when I went to get it they were not there. Crap, I must have left them at home. She pulled one out of her pack for me. I ate it and not too long later was feeling better. My stomach had settled. I must have really needed some sugar. Surprised that it calmed my stomach down, but glad it did. We crested the paved road and started running. It was still raining as we ran on the street toward the school. Then I saw the tent and the school. I yelled out in utter surprise "Is that the cars?" still unable to believe what my eyes were seeing. Wonder Woman shouted "I think so" it was we had arrived.

At the finish and still smiling, couldn't have been that bad!

We completed this epic run 8 hours flat. 4 hours out and 4 hours back. It was extremely tough not just physically but mentally as well. Maybe I was a bit fatigued from the start and sleep deprived but I battled through all of my adversity to complete the run with a lot of help from Wonder Woman and Captain Kirk and the boys.

Wonder Woman's fingers were frozen she couldn't tie her shoes

I also have to say that that is a very tough run. In looking back on my experience yesterday I am pretty positive that I didn't fuel enough and that is what caused my major bonking episode and upset stomach. I can only learn from it and I have great respect for the Canyons.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It has to get Better

In the past few weeks things have dramatically slowed down....that is training has increased and my family time has decreased. I have to choose to either sleep or see my nephew and sister and brother in law. Right now sleep is winning, I fight it but it isn't working.

While things for me have turned completely upside down so have my emotions. I am angry more now. It is the feeling that the anger is festering inside of me and then all of a sudden explodes for no apparent reason. It could be because the dog bark at a noise outside, or Lil Man cries because he doesn't want to get his hair wet, or when I get 7 call outs in one shift and the work load just seems overwhelming I am finding myself exploding.Sometime imploding more so than exploding, NOT a good thing. You see I no longer have an outlet, I am just to exhausted to find the energy to go for a run, or my legs are hurting or my foot is aching...Without an outlet every emotion is just sitting and waiting.

Things have become so chaotic that today when I left work and was meeting a friend after work at our usual spot (bar) I found myself driving to the freeway before I realized I had passed the bar. Almost 10 minutes out of the way. Today when coming to work I found myself almost turning left, I had my blinker on, I was at a complete stop at the stop sign, only I couldn't turn left. There was no left turn for me to make. Really???? WTH!!! I wake up in the morning and I can't recall what day it is, am I suppose to be at work and if so what time? Was it a trailer day or a non trailer day? Very confusing and when I finally put it all together together it had taken me a good solid 10 minutes to figure it all out. Sometimes it is even my day off.

Am I losing it? Or have I already lost it? I feel a bit out of sorts. I feel unfocused and detached. Not a good feeling. I am still executing my core roles at work, but at what cost? I find myself thinking this question. What cost, when is it enough, or does it get better. I find myself asking that question. It has to get better. Right? I hope so, because I can't keep driving aimlessly around town, who knows maybe one day I will end up in another state.

It has to get better, it will be better, it is just going to take some time to get use to. Right?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Run/Special Meme Time

It has been about 5 days since I couldn't walk or put any weight on my foot. I was able to hobble a bit on Sunday, but I spent most of that day with my leg up and me staying off of it. I made it to work with only a minor limp through out the day on Monday and by Tuesday it was a feeling much better. The swelling had gone down significantly and by Wednesday it was only a minor ache throughout the day. So since I am going crazy because I haven't been able to run I went out today for a nice and easy 6 miles around the neighborhood. My foot was feeling pretty good this morning and I wanted to see how it would hold up. I do have a 32 miler next weekend on part of the Western States Trail that I really want to do, but only if I am healthy.

Today's run was all about finding out how it felt. Over all it felt pretty good but as the miles went on a dull ache started and stayed the rest of the run. I slowed my pace down when I noticed it. As of right now I only have minor swelling in the ankle area and a bit up my calf, but I am hoping that is it. I guess I will find out later on today and tomorrow.

On a different subject I had special meme time with Lil Man yesterday. I had the privilege of picking him up from pre-school and spending the rest of the afternoon with him. I always love picking him up because when he sees me walk in his smile become huge, his eyes twinkle and he can't wait to be finished with his lunch. He always comes over and gives me a hug and then we get his back pack and jacket and head out to the car. Of course we can't leave until he gets a sip of water from the water fountain. Once in the car we talk about his day and what he had for lunch. Sometimes he is really talkative and other times not so much.

Yesterday he was super talkative. We talked for a long time. The topic of conversation had a huge range and at times was random. He told me had a girlfriend. It is his best friend who by the way is older, I think she is 7 or 8. He also surprised me with how much he knew about Jesus. He has been going to Church with his mom and it always amazes me what he remembers and understands. I think one of the most precious moments was when we went to see Captain Kirk at Fleet Feet and how talkative he was with Captain Kirk. He did remember that he always gets a cookie or some kind of sugary snack from him. But not today, in fact when mom asked how his day went he was sure to mention that Captain Kirk said he had no cookies. Umm Captain Kirk if you are reading this you might want to stock up on some cookies, I know a certain store you can get some from!

We spent some time at Fleet Feet working out with the different weighted balls and then we were on our way to Target. You see Target has a new cars display and Lil Man is a huge fan of Cars. He even managed to score some new toys. A new cars plane and Mater the tow truck. He loved his presents and even went to sleep last night with the plane next to him on the pillow.

We did have a very full day because not only did we have those stops but it was also swim lessons. On the drive to swim lessons he was being pretty chatty when all of a sudden he stopped talking. I looked back and his head was back and his eyes closed. I did what any good Auntie would do, I talked in a rather loud voice about his new toy he was holding. It seemed to work, but not for long. I had a very short window now to get to swim lessons before he fell asleep. Imagine this if you can. I am driving and talking in a loud voice, his head begins to drop and I talk even louder. Then he looks up with his closed eyes but a huge smile on his face. He was faking falling asleep. The tricky!!!! He started laughing at me because it really was a good trick to play on me.

He did awesome at swim lessons, he was listening he was attentive and once he was finished and I was drying him off he looked at me and said "Meme, thanks for taking me to swim lessons." That just melted my heart. You are welcome Lil Man, anytime.

My day with Lil Man was fantastic and I always enjoy our special time together. Maybe we can get some special time next week!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A day filled with pain/crawling/and hobbling

Yesterday I was really looking forward to today's run up in Foresthill. It is part of the Western States 100. The Cal loop is one of my favorites thanks to Coach Nikon who first took me out there. But unfortunate events happened and I had to text my friends Power Girl and Wonder Woman to let them  know I wouldn't be able to make it.

I fell asleep rather early last night, I was exhausted but thrilled about my run in the morning. I awoke around 9pm with some excruciating pain, throbbing pain that penetrated from the my ankle and would shoot up my leg if I moved my toes or foot in any way. Even having the weight of my covers caused pain. I hobbled to the bathroom, thinking my body was really tired and needed some rest. I hobbled back and made myself comfortable or as comfortable as I could get. I had to sleep on my right side with my left leg slightly bent at the knee. This position offered no pain.

I fell back asleep only to wake up at midnight. Agh my internal clock is on as this is the time I wake for work. I immediately felt the excruciating throbbing shooting pain in my foot. I couldn't move anything without it hurting. Just moving my leg caused a wave of pain. At this point it was so painful I am in tears. The tears are rolling down my face, my snot is going everywhere because I don't have a Kleenex. I slowly get up, I had to use the bathroom. Only this time I couldn't put any weight on my foot and when I did the pain was overwhelming. I couldn't even put weight on my toes. I hobbled to the bathroom, using the walls to support my weight and holding my left foot in the air. It was not a pretty sight. That little trip to the bathroom wore me out and I still had to make it back to my room. Of course during this entire ordeal I didn't want to wake anyone up so I am trying to stifle my cries, stop the running nose and not scream out in pain.

I hobbled back to bed and this time the only comfortable position is for me to prop up my feet with two pillows and lay on my back. I fell back asleep, I don't know how, the pain was terrible. I awoke around 2am and again had to use the bathroom. Really??? I did drink a lot of water, but really. And again the pain was shooting up my foot and though my ankle. It hurt so bad this time that when I tried to hobble with the walls as support my foot was still screaming at me and I had to get on all fours to crawl to the bathroom. Yup, I am in so much pain I am crawling to the bathroom. Once at the bathroom it was really hard to get up because no matter how I did it some part of my foot would touch the ground and shooting pain would rip through my foot to my ankle to my leg. After my bathroom break, I hobbled back to the bedroom and again layed there with my ankle propped up on the pillows. I really needed some Tylenol but that was all the way in the kitchen and that was just to far. I don't think I would be able to make it.

I layed there and eventually fell back asleep only to wake up around 5am with my ankle/foot still screaming at me when every I moved it. I had to make the decision and there was no way I was going to be able to run in the canyons. This was more then my body being tired, something was wrong.

Anytime I moved my ankle or even moved my toes pain would go screaming though my foot. I had to crawl out to the kitchen and I sat at the counter and once my brother in law woke up he helped me to the couch. It took about 5 hours before I could put any sort of weight on my foot. I also had taken 2 Tylenol to help with the inflammation and pain. I managed to get a doctor appointment and took some x-rays to rule out a stress fracture, only the doctor saw something. It was relatively small but I saw it too. I have to wait for a diagnosis until the radiologist can look at the x-rays. 

The other possible injury it could be is plantar fasciitis. A very severe case. She said the first step is always the worse but it gets better. I had this before and yes the first step is painful but I have never had it this painful where I can't even put any weight on my foot without pain shooting through my ankle and up my leg. She seemed very unconcerned. So for the time being because all I can do is hobble around the house in pain I am keeping my feet up, icing, and taking anti-inflammatory. I can only hope I will be able to walk normal by tomorrow or at the very least Monday when I return to work. I can't imagine what would happen if I had to work today. Can you see me crawling into work?

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Good News Is

It has been one long week. The good news is....just for you Trailmomma..... that it is finally my weekend!!!! Yeah!!! The bad news is well, maybe I wont go there.

The good news is I have a awesome run planned for tomorrow with Wonder Woman and Power Girl. In fact it was Power Girl who suggested we get together for a run and then not to long after that Wonder Woman sent me an email wanting to plan our next run. I love my running friends. How did they know?????

The plan is, tomorrow we are going to do my all time favorite run......It has everything I am looking for in a run.....monstrous bone jarring descents followed by killer ascents with more descents then.... will I think you get the picture...It is also filled with some of the best views. My favorite run of all time thanks to Coach Nikon is Cal loop or also called Drivers Flat up in Foresthill, part of the Western States 100.

I have run this a couple of times and each time it brings me back to my center. It is challenging and really makes me let go of everything..or I should say all the chaos in my life and focus on the here and now. I am very fortunate, because that is just what I need. A chance to let everything go.

I have been going full speed ahead since last Friday and it is draining putting in maybe 60+ hours at work. My body is taking a beating just ask Lily. I had a massage on Wednesday and my body was a wreck. She asked how many miles I had put in running because it felt like alot. The sad part was I only logged 10 miles on Saturday and then 6 on Wednesday after work. Not that many miles for my body to be hurting the way it did. But like always she worked on me and it allowed me to slow down once again, if it was for only a couple of hours. I actually feel asleep, and that is rare for me to do after a massage. I told myself I was going to close my eyes and the next thing I knew maybe 45 minutes had passed. Thank you Lily. I should probably book my next appointment!!!

The long week is finally over, I get to enjoy a great run tomorrow. In fact that run is what kept me focused and pulled me through this week. Something FUN to look forward to. I know that things well eventually settle down at work, and eventually I will get my running mojo back as a friend would say.

This week wasn't all bad....I did enjoy a very special day with Lil Man. I picked him up from pre-school and we enjoyed the great afternoon together. We walked to the park which is 1 mile there and I ended up giving him a piggy back ride the mile walk home. He was spent. We also played with Traildog and Ramsey. This special time with Lil Man is precious as I don't see him/nor my family as much as when I was working nights. In fact working nights I saw my family more then I do now.

The good news is though, my team is doing awesome, so awesome that we completed a 2045 piece trailer with 566 pieces from the back room, from unload to push to back stock in a little under 4 hours. That is super fast. Talk about adrenaline.

When the adrenaline wears off I am beat and completely exhausted physically and mentally. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, I just need to keep walking running until I see it.

It's a bird? It's a plane? No, it is Traildog!!!

Here I come to save the day!

As happy as can be

oops, Traildog miss judged that one

Pleeeaaassse through it again!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finding the time to recharge

Let me tell you about my friend Lily who is also my massage therapist. I had no idea how broken and beat up my body was until last night. She is amazing because I called last minute needing to get a massage. She was able to squeeze me in last night. Awesome!!!!

I also didn't notice how stressed out I had become until we were talking on the phone and she was trying to get me in, and finally she said "You really need it tonight, you are stressed." "Ok, really I am?" "Yes, I can hear it in your voice." ohhh I did not know. Things have been crazy at work this week. We are officially on an early morning process and when I say early morning I mean early, like 1:30am. That is early.

I have been putting in long hours which by the way I am always on my feet, I am constantly stressed for time because time is of the essence and things need to get done quickly. When I say quickly I mean in a blink of an eye. In a blink of an eye, or one lap around the store and back room for me my team can knock out departments and be in another. It is fast and always in motion. Very exciting but also very stressful.

My job is like a game of chess. I have to be three sometimes five moves ahead. It is also mentally draining as well. With all of that and my lack of sleep my body was hurting and tired. It needed to be recharged. And that is where Lily came in.

She worked her magic yet again, finding those areas that really needed some attention. I have been having difficulty sleeping because my lower back has been really tight. She spent some time working on that area and my piriformis. I will tell you, my back feels so much better, I honestly can say that I didn't know how bad it was, nor did I know how bad my neck was. It was so tight that once she worked on it I actually had more range of motion. Amazing!!!! My legs were really tight and have been heavy recently due to me always being on them on, plus what ever runs I am able to get in. After she worked her magic I could move my ankles and I had no pain this morning when I stepped out of bed.

I felt like a new person I felt recharged. It is a amazing feeling. I am touched that she made time for me because she could tell from my voice how things were really going for me. She knew how much I needed it. I was a wreck not just physically but also mentally. I was/am drained from some more recent changes at work.

After seeing her last night I was actually able to get a full 6 hours of sleep and I mean a solid six hours. That is great because the past two weeks I would get home and if I was lucky sometimes take a 2 hour nap wake back up for a few hours and then take another 2 hour nap before heading back to work and working a full ten hour day that is non stop.

I remember this feeling from when I did the remodel last year and it is a fine line I am playing with. I need to remember to find time for myself, to sleep (somehow) and to eat properly. Usually during a ten hour shift I will snack on cashews and that is all. I also need to stay hydrated. Not a very big list but a list that I find I am struggling with right now.

I leave you with Lil Man's first music video and some pictures of our adventures!

I have enjoyed some special meme time with Lil Man. Yesterday we had a blast visiting Captain Kirk and wishing him good luck at his race this Saturday, then it was play time at the park and also a music video.

Hanging out with Lil Man

We played with Traildog and his new favorite game...Fetch

A happy boy!

Monday, May 2, 2011


This week marks the second week of the early morning logistics process for me at work. Last week I was only there for 2 days before going on vacation again, where I was able to enjoy some quality time with Lil Man and enjoy the awesome trails in Auburn.

There is a lot of change taking place and so far it appears that my team is adapting well to that change, or they are very good at hiding how they are really feeling. This month also marks a bigger challenge for me. That is, how do/will I get all of my training runs in? I start a weekend rotation with one constant day off during the week which is Thursday. I tried to get Friday off so that way every other weekend I would have a nice three day weekend, but no dice. My boss wasn't too keen on that idea.

I am also learning that I can't just sign up for whatever race I want when ever I want to now. I have to look at my work schedule first and see if I am off, because I will need to be careful with how many weekends I take off. I know it will take a lot of strategic planning, but I do not want to stop running. I already have been approved for my race in July TRT50k and I still need to sign up for the SNER and get the time off for it. I will make it happen for the SNER---redemption-----

I find that running helps keep me balanced, it pushes me physically and mentally and I have made some outstanding friends through out this journey. Running isn't just about PR's (though they are nice) or if I am the first one done, sometime I am the caboose and I am OK with that, as long as I am on the trails.

It is more about finding my inner strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other. To get back up when I "bonk" or when that finish line seems so far away. It is about being one with myself and to gain a better/bigger understanding of myself. To grow and push myself past that threshold, just go one more step then one more. It is about adversity and perseverance. It is about growth and new beginnings.

Running has helped me gain so much in the past year. It has given me goals to reach for. Goals besides work. Before running I felt lost, but now I feel that I belong. I am not the fastest runner but I have heart and determination and that makes me feel so alive. A feeling that I haven't felt in a long time.

Life can be a challenge and sometimes it is hard to "get back up" but to have attainable goals has helped me in so many ways. When I talk about my trail runs, there is excitement and a sparkle in my eye. I have been on some fabulous breath taking trails and I can't wait to see more.

I have inspired some of my peers and they still can't believe that I run 50 mile races and do it sometimes with painful blisters or busted ribs. I ran one marathon and then 4 months later ran  my first ultra. Who does that????

I always get the question: Why? and How do you do it?

The answer to me is simple, because I enjoy it and I enjoy the challenge and pushing myself mentally and physically. It is possible, I just have to believe.

So, yes I have a challenge ahead but a challenge that I will face head on without slowing down....well maybe a little so that I can have a solid plan on how I am going to tackle this change. Change can sometimes make me slam the brakes on, but not this time. This time I will overcome it!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The rest of the Story

There were a couple of things I left out of yesterday's post. This is the rest of the story plus part of the beginning. First off while the four us were waiting for Jumping Bean so we could do the car pool shuffle Power Girl lets out a big "Ohh No!" I am just sitting there because anytime a runner/someone says oh no it means there is a problem. Of course none of us wanted to say it except Captain Kirk "What did you forget?" Power Girl had left her trail shoes at home. I immediately look down and see that she had street shoes on. Well, at least she could run in those. I think we all laughed about it for a good while. Luckily she wasn't wearing flip flops or that would have been a long day in Foresthill. There are two things one never wants to forget for a run, one being trail shoes or running shoes and the other water/fuel.

I know we all have forgotten something on a run. It happens. The other big thing that happened was actually on the drive home. Now I don't know if I was tired or out of it, but as Power Girl and I  left Forresthill we ended up stuck behind a very nice classic looking car that was literally out for a Sunday Drive. This car was going 30 MPH, really!!!! It eventually pulled over so we all could pass, but the craziest thing happened as we were approaching the freeway.

First off I was following Captain Kirk and Chuck and Trish were right behind me. The freeway is straight ahead, but Captain Kirk is turning left, which throws me for a twist. Why is he turning left? I don't understand? Did I miss something? Am I not suppose to be going straight to get on the freeway? What is going on here?

All those thoughts were racing through my head in a matter of nano seconds. Once it becomes clear that I am suppose to go straight I look at the light and it is green. Only the car in the right hand lane which is turning right is not moving. I double check the light cautiously tap my breaks, yup the light is green. Even Power Girl assured me it was green. I proceeded through the intersection and immediately have to slam on my brakes as the car across the way is turning left right in front of me. Wait, is my light really green, ummm yes it is green, WTH is going on here. I don't understand, am I really losing it? No I am not but at this point all I want to do is get home in one piece. I can only imagine what Chuck and Trish thought of all that. I swear my light was green, Power Girl saw it also.

As we continue down I began to second guess myself as I am a little tense. I have to go through 1 set of lights before I am able to turn left on the freeway, only I hesitate at the first light and Power Girl has to tell me is is green, but the next light is red. I am so confused, why is this so difficult????? Finally I make my way onto the freeway in one piece luckily and head down the hill to drop off Power Girl.

Of course my driving adventure didn't end in Foresthill it continued down the hill. As I exited the freeway and was almost at Power Girl's house I swear this car came from my right hand side and was just driving like a crazy person. Veering into my lane and back into the other lane like you see on tv. I am already a little shaken up from the previous incident and now this crazy driver.

I can run 18 miles in the canyons without incident but the drive home is causing me the most stress. Go Figure. I did make it home in one piece, but I swear all the crazy drivers were out to get me yesterday.