Sunday, May 1, 2011

The rest of the Story

There were a couple of things I left out of yesterday's post. This is the rest of the story plus part of the beginning. First off while the four us were waiting for Jumping Bean so we could do the car pool shuffle Power Girl lets out a big "Ohh No!" I am just sitting there because anytime a runner/someone says oh no it means there is a problem. Of course none of us wanted to say it except Captain Kirk "What did you forget?" Power Girl had left her trail shoes at home. I immediately look down and see that she had street shoes on. Well, at least she could run in those. I think we all laughed about it for a good while. Luckily she wasn't wearing flip flops or that would have been a long day in Foresthill. There are two things one never wants to forget for a run, one being trail shoes or running shoes and the other water/fuel.

I know we all have forgotten something on a run. It happens. The other big thing that happened was actually on the drive home. Now I don't know if I was tired or out of it, but as Power Girl and I  left Forresthill we ended up stuck behind a very nice classic looking car that was literally out for a Sunday Drive. This car was going 30 MPH, really!!!! It eventually pulled over so we all could pass, but the craziest thing happened as we were approaching the freeway.

First off I was following Captain Kirk and Chuck and Trish were right behind me. The freeway is straight ahead, but Captain Kirk is turning left, which throws me for a twist. Why is he turning left? I don't understand? Did I miss something? Am I not suppose to be going straight to get on the freeway? What is going on here?

All those thoughts were racing through my head in a matter of nano seconds. Once it becomes clear that I am suppose to go straight I look at the light and it is green. Only the car in the right hand lane which is turning right is not moving. I double check the light cautiously tap my breaks, yup the light is green. Even Power Girl assured me it was green. I proceeded through the intersection and immediately have to slam on my brakes as the car across the way is turning left right in front of me. Wait, is my light really green, ummm yes it is green, WTH is going on here. I don't understand, am I really losing it? No I am not but at this point all I want to do is get home in one piece. I can only imagine what Chuck and Trish thought of all that. I swear my light was green, Power Girl saw it also.

As we continue down I began to second guess myself as I am a little tense. I have to go through 1 set of lights before I am able to turn left on the freeway, only I hesitate at the first light and Power Girl has to tell me is is green, but the next light is red. I am so confused, why is this so difficult????? Finally I make my way onto the freeway in one piece luckily and head down the hill to drop off Power Girl.

Of course my driving adventure didn't end in Foresthill it continued down the hill. As I exited the freeway and was almost at Power Girl's house I swear this car came from my right hand side and was just driving like a crazy person. Veering into my lane and back into the other lane like you see on tv. I am already a little shaken up from the previous incident and now this crazy driver.

I can run 18 miles in the canyons without incident but the drive home is causing me the most stress. Go Figure. I did make it home in one piece, but I swear all the crazy drivers were out to get me yesterday.

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