Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finding the time to recharge

Let me tell you about my friend Lily who is also my massage therapist. I had no idea how broken and beat up my body was until last night. She is amazing because I called last minute needing to get a massage. She was able to squeeze me in last night. Awesome!!!!

I also didn't notice how stressed out I had become until we were talking on the phone and she was trying to get me in, and finally she said "You really need it tonight, you are stressed." "Ok, really I am?" "Yes, I can hear it in your voice." ohhh I did not know. Things have been crazy at work this week. We are officially on an early morning process and when I say early morning I mean early, like 1:30am. That is early.

I have been putting in long hours which by the way I am always on my feet, I am constantly stressed for time because time is of the essence and things need to get done quickly. When I say quickly I mean in a blink of an eye. In a blink of an eye, or one lap around the store and back room for me my team can knock out departments and be in another. It is fast and always in motion. Very exciting but also very stressful.

My job is like a game of chess. I have to be three sometimes five moves ahead. It is also mentally draining as well. With all of that and my lack of sleep my body was hurting and tired. It needed to be recharged. And that is where Lily came in.

She worked her magic yet again, finding those areas that really needed some attention. I have been having difficulty sleeping because my lower back has been really tight. She spent some time working on that area and my piriformis. I will tell you, my back feels so much better, I honestly can say that I didn't know how bad it was, nor did I know how bad my neck was. It was so tight that once she worked on it I actually had more range of motion. Amazing!!!! My legs were really tight and have been heavy recently due to me always being on them on, plus what ever runs I am able to get in. After she worked her magic I could move my ankles and I had no pain this morning when I stepped out of bed.

I felt like a new person I felt recharged. It is a amazing feeling. I am touched that she made time for me because she could tell from my voice how things were really going for me. She knew how much I needed it. I was a wreck not just physically but also mentally. I was/am drained from some more recent changes at work.

After seeing her last night I was actually able to get a full 6 hours of sleep and I mean a solid six hours. That is great because the past two weeks I would get home and if I was lucky sometimes take a 2 hour nap wake back up for a few hours and then take another 2 hour nap before heading back to work and working a full ten hour day that is non stop.

I remember this feeling from when I did the remodel last year and it is a fine line I am playing with. I need to remember to find time for myself, to sleep (somehow) and to eat properly. Usually during a ten hour shift I will snack on cashews and that is all. I also need to stay hydrated. Not a very big list but a list that I find I am struggling with right now.

I leave you with Lil Man's first music video and some pictures of our adventures!

I have enjoyed some special meme time with Lil Man. Yesterday we had a blast visiting Captain Kirk and wishing him good luck at his race this Saturday, then it was play time at the park and also a music video.

Hanging out with Lil Man

We played with Traildog and his new favorite game...Fetch

A happy boy!

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