Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Run/Special Meme Time

It has been about 5 days since I couldn't walk or put any weight on my foot. I was able to hobble a bit on Sunday, but I spent most of that day with my leg up and me staying off of it. I made it to work with only a minor limp through out the day on Monday and by Tuesday it was a feeling much better. The swelling had gone down significantly and by Wednesday it was only a minor ache throughout the day. So since I am going crazy because I haven't been able to run I went out today for a nice and easy 6 miles around the neighborhood. My foot was feeling pretty good this morning and I wanted to see how it would hold up. I do have a 32 miler next weekend on part of the Western States Trail that I really want to do, but only if I am healthy.

Today's run was all about finding out how it felt. Over all it felt pretty good but as the miles went on a dull ache started and stayed the rest of the run. I slowed my pace down when I noticed it. As of right now I only have minor swelling in the ankle area and a bit up my calf, but I am hoping that is it. I guess I will find out later on today and tomorrow.

On a different subject I had special meme time with Lil Man yesterday. I had the privilege of picking him up from pre-school and spending the rest of the afternoon with him. I always love picking him up because when he sees me walk in his smile become huge, his eyes twinkle and he can't wait to be finished with his lunch. He always comes over and gives me a hug and then we get his back pack and jacket and head out to the car. Of course we can't leave until he gets a sip of water from the water fountain. Once in the car we talk about his day and what he had for lunch. Sometimes he is really talkative and other times not so much.

Yesterday he was super talkative. We talked for a long time. The topic of conversation had a huge range and at times was random. He told me had a girlfriend. It is his best friend who by the way is older, I think she is 7 or 8. He also surprised me with how much he knew about Jesus. He has been going to Church with his mom and it always amazes me what he remembers and understands. I think one of the most precious moments was when we went to see Captain Kirk at Fleet Feet and how talkative he was with Captain Kirk. He did remember that he always gets a cookie or some kind of sugary snack from him. But not today, in fact when mom asked how his day went he was sure to mention that Captain Kirk said he had no cookies. Umm Captain Kirk if you are reading this you might want to stock up on some cookies, I know a certain store you can get some from!

We spent some time at Fleet Feet working out with the different weighted balls and then we were on our way to Target. You see Target has a new cars display and Lil Man is a huge fan of Cars. He even managed to score some new toys. A new cars plane and Mater the tow truck. He loved his presents and even went to sleep last night with the plane next to him on the pillow.

We did have a very full day because not only did we have those stops but it was also swim lessons. On the drive to swim lessons he was being pretty chatty when all of a sudden he stopped talking. I looked back and his head was back and his eyes closed. I did what any good Auntie would do, I talked in a rather loud voice about his new toy he was holding. It seemed to work, but not for long. I had a very short window now to get to swim lessons before he fell asleep. Imagine this if you can. I am driving and talking in a loud voice, his head begins to drop and I talk even louder. Then he looks up with his closed eyes but a huge smile on his face. He was faking falling asleep. The tricky!!!! He started laughing at me because it really was a good trick to play on me.

He did awesome at swim lessons, he was listening he was attentive and once he was finished and I was drying him off he looked at me and said "Meme, thanks for taking me to swim lessons." That just melted my heart. You are welcome Lil Man, anytime.

My day with Lil Man was fantastic and I always enjoy our special time together. Maybe we can get some special time next week!!!

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