Saturday, May 14, 2011

A day filled with pain/crawling/and hobbling

Yesterday I was really looking forward to today's run up in Foresthill. It is part of the Western States 100. The Cal loop is one of my favorites thanks to Coach Nikon who first took me out there. But unfortunate events happened and I had to text my friends Power Girl and Wonder Woman to let them  know I wouldn't be able to make it.

I fell asleep rather early last night, I was exhausted but thrilled about my run in the morning. I awoke around 9pm with some excruciating pain, throbbing pain that penetrated from the my ankle and would shoot up my leg if I moved my toes or foot in any way. Even having the weight of my covers caused pain. I hobbled to the bathroom, thinking my body was really tired and needed some rest. I hobbled back and made myself comfortable or as comfortable as I could get. I had to sleep on my right side with my left leg slightly bent at the knee. This position offered no pain.

I fell back asleep only to wake up at midnight. Agh my internal clock is on as this is the time I wake for work. I immediately felt the excruciating throbbing shooting pain in my foot. I couldn't move anything without it hurting. Just moving my leg caused a wave of pain. At this point it was so painful I am in tears. The tears are rolling down my face, my snot is going everywhere because I don't have a Kleenex. I slowly get up, I had to use the bathroom. Only this time I couldn't put any weight on my foot and when I did the pain was overwhelming. I couldn't even put weight on my toes. I hobbled to the bathroom, using the walls to support my weight and holding my left foot in the air. It was not a pretty sight. That little trip to the bathroom wore me out and I still had to make it back to my room. Of course during this entire ordeal I didn't want to wake anyone up so I am trying to stifle my cries, stop the running nose and not scream out in pain.

I hobbled back to bed and this time the only comfortable position is for me to prop up my feet with two pillows and lay on my back. I fell back asleep, I don't know how, the pain was terrible. I awoke around 2am and again had to use the bathroom. Really??? I did drink a lot of water, but really. And again the pain was shooting up my foot and though my ankle. It hurt so bad this time that when I tried to hobble with the walls as support my foot was still screaming at me and I had to get on all fours to crawl to the bathroom. Yup, I am in so much pain I am crawling to the bathroom. Once at the bathroom it was really hard to get up because no matter how I did it some part of my foot would touch the ground and shooting pain would rip through my foot to my ankle to my leg. After my bathroom break, I hobbled back to the bedroom and again layed there with my ankle propped up on the pillows. I really needed some Tylenol but that was all the way in the kitchen and that was just to far. I don't think I would be able to make it.

I layed there and eventually fell back asleep only to wake up around 5am with my ankle/foot still screaming at me when every I moved it. I had to make the decision and there was no way I was going to be able to run in the canyons. This was more then my body being tired, something was wrong.

Anytime I moved my ankle or even moved my toes pain would go screaming though my foot. I had to crawl out to the kitchen and I sat at the counter and once my brother in law woke up he helped me to the couch. It took about 5 hours before I could put any sort of weight on my foot. I also had taken 2 Tylenol to help with the inflammation and pain. I managed to get a doctor appointment and took some x-rays to rule out a stress fracture, only the doctor saw something. It was relatively small but I saw it too. I have to wait for a diagnosis until the radiologist can look at the x-rays. 

The other possible injury it could be is plantar fasciitis. A very severe case. She said the first step is always the worse but it gets better. I had this before and yes the first step is painful but I have never had it this painful where I can't even put any weight on my foot without pain shooting through my ankle and up my leg. She seemed very unconcerned. So for the time being because all I can do is hobble around the house in pain I am keeping my feet up, icing, and taking anti-inflammatory. I can only hope I will be able to walk normal by tomorrow or at the very least Monday when I return to work. I can't imagine what would happen if I had to work today. Can you see me crawling into work?


  1. Oh my god!!! Please please say not a stress fracture although PF is not ideal either. Keep me posted.

  2. OUCH. I cringed reading this just thinking of the pain. I hope it's not anything serious!! Hang in there, sending good thoughts your way.