Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Eventful Day with the Kids

My sister had asked me a few a days ago if I was available to watch Kaylee and of course Lil Man. Kaylee right now is 8 months old and crawling all over the place. So I knew that this was going to be an adventure and an adventure it was.

When the kids arrived Kaylee looked like she could really use a nap and I was hoping that she would go down,but nope she had plans on all on her own. She was going to fight through being tired and explore every inch of my house on her hands and knees. She explored the living room and investigated all of Traildogs toys, so I was quickly running around picking everything up and keeping things out of her reach. Meanwhile Lil Man was enjoying some television, but watching television in the family room was not what he wanted. He really wanted to watch television in the "play room." I let him while Kaylee and I kept exploring the house, or rather she just was content following me around while I completed some house chores.

Little Miss Kaylee enjoying her snack

After awhile we all ventured outside because Kaylee really needed some new scenery. Once outside Lil Man really wanted to go swimming, but I was a bit nervous with both of them. So I told him it was OK if he wanted to stand on the first step. Well, that was a big mistake, I should have known he would have something up his sleeve. And within seconds he had "fallen" in up to his chest. Awesome and he was in his street clothes.Than the dogs, decided it would be fun to drop their ball in the water and of course I hadn't moved Lil Man shoes and a shoe fell in the water.

She ended up having cheerios in her onsie by the time her snack was done

So let's recap, Bradyn "fell in the water with his street clothes on, his shoe got pushed into the water, and Kaylee hadn't had a nap! All within the first 30 mintues!"

By now my friend Rachel was at the house and would be able to help. Yes, I called in back up just in case.

We played with Kaylee while Lil Man was enjoying the pool. He was having a blast and laughing and giggling and jumping and swimming. I should have just let him go swimming in the first place this way his clothes would be dry along with his shoe.


After swimming we came inside and Lil Man enjoyed a snack again, he had already eaten spider man cheez its, strawberries, and now grapes. I think he might be growing. Kaylee also enjoyed a snack, some cheerios in her high chair. After snack time Kaylee again explored the house but this time during her exploration she continued to crawl into the sliding glass door, becuase she wanted to say hi to the dogs who were outside. It was awesome because just as she was exploring their mom came to pick them up and of course heard the thud as Kaylee hit the door. The good news was she didn't cry, she just looked at it like what happened.

"Auntie Meme can you please stop taking my picture"

It was a very eventful 2 hours that is for sure. In case you missed it:
-Lil Man "fell into the pool and soaked his clothes on purpose"
-Lil Man shoes fell into the pool
-I forgot to mention it bu Traildog actually fell into the pool
-Kaylee explored and thuded into the sliding glass door

all within 2 hours. Everyone survived and is safe and sound. I had a blast watching both of them. It was fun and great to spend some quality bonding time with my little niece and Lil Man. I am sure there are more good times to come!!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Riding Around Town

This past weekend I went on a ride. A ride of epic proportions, well for me that is. I tried something new. I rode on a motorcycle! Now let me tell you I was scared shit less, I mean I was scared. All the crazy thoughts of what could happen went racing through my head as I was standing with my helmet on next to the bike. As I am standing there I had to bend over because I am so scared. I get on the bike and the adrenaline really kicks into overdrive and we hadn't even moved an inch yet. I was already holding onto the little back of the seat for dear life, I was holding on so tight my arms are a bit sore today. I was holding on with everything I had, even my legs were holding on. This was crazy for me.

Picture this, me with a motorcycle helmet on sitting on the bike, now picture the complete fear that is plastered all over my face. Don't worry, it's OK to laugh at the image, I know I am.

Let me tell you, even though I was scared for much of the entire ride it was exciting. To feel the warm air on my skin, to hear the cars go by, it is a completely different sound than what you hear in a car. To lean into the turn even though my brain was telling me not to. That was probably the hardest thing to do, to lean into the turns.

The fact that I was on a motorcycle for a ride around town was pretty amazing. Can you picture me on the back of a bike?

It was awesome, even though I was scared and holding my breath I did eventually relax, but when the motorcycle picked up speed I could slowly feel my body tense up, my grip became more of a death grip and I had to mentally tell myself to breath.

Would I ride the bike again, Yes, I most definitely would. What a ride in the nice afternoon sun.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Apple Hill Adventure

This past weekend was a adventure in itself. It started out Friday with a trip to Apple Hill with my sister and Kaylee and Lil Man. I had the entire trip planned out, I knew what stops we were going to make, I knew what I really wanted to buy and I knew that we were going to have some fun.

We started the day off by visiting Rainbow Orchard; where we enjoyed some fresh Apple Donuts. At Rainbow they make the donuts when you order, so you get them when they are piping hot and the most delicious, well in my book at least. We enjoyed a donut while sitting in the orchard and just enjoyed being, enjoyed the smell of the pine trees, the warm sun and of course the donut.

I wonder what Kaylee really wants to enjoy! The apple donut of course!
After Rainbow Orchard we went to Larsen's because here there was a giant water wheel and a museum for all of us to enjoy. Kaylee was in love with the water wheel and couldn't keep her eye's off of it. Lil Man also enjoyed it and I think he really enjoyed being able to pick out a bushel of apples.
Enjoying the water wheel at Larsen's

You be the judge who does Kaylee look like more? Her mom, or me??

It is pretty close

But I think Me....
After Larsen's we headed to High Hill and the fudge factory. We spent time sitting by the pond. I remember as a kid fishing in this pond, it hasn't changed. Lil Man feed the fish and we just enjoyed the calmness of the pond. Lil Man also went on a pony ride, which he is very proud of. I think it was the highlight of the trip for him.
Enjoying the pond

Feeding the fish

Kaylee AKA "the little baby bird" enjoying a snack

Showing me his climbing skills

Look Meme at what I can do!

The pony ride, so proud he is

Before leaving high hill we walked over to the Fudge Factory where we picked out some chocolate and some worms and dirt for Lil Man. After that we headed to Boa Vista and picked up some fresh fruit. By this point Lil Man was telling us how tired he was, so after Boa we headed home. It was a great day enjoying the great outdoors, fresh apple donuts, the calmness at the pond, family time and of course apple pie!
On the drive home. I guess he really was tired.
I know I enjoyed a great Friday with the family and I am sure Lil Man and Kaylee and my sister had fun also. I can't wait for the applesauce to be my sister!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Inner Awakening

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to say enough is enough! Well, that time has come for me. It is time to remain focused and dedicated, and I figured this out on my run today. This is my starting point and the skies or should I say the trail has no limit!  I had an awakening of the spirit and the need to run.
It has been awhile since I have had the urge to hit the trail/parkway. But it happened today. Well, not really. I actually awoke in a panic at 6:30 in the morning and just laid there, thinking "Do I really want to run? It is already so late, by the time I get ready it is going to be even later." Yes, I actually thought all of this in a span of 5 seconds. And than I got up ate some breakfast enjoyed some coffee changed my clothes and I found myself driving to the parkway for some inspiration. I had no plan on the distance, the speed or what I was doing. All I knew was I needed this, it was time, I was drawn to this run.
I went back to Bannister where I used to run and just hit the parkway with no care no worry in the world. I was there for me and me only. I haven't felt this need in a while. I ran along just focused on me. Not really thinking, but thinking how much I missed this. Running for myself, setting those small attainable goals each run. Being able to see those goals reached and than some. It was my moment, my zen like moment I needed. I thought about 2013 and what I wanted and how I was going to achieve it. It wasn't going to happen by not training, it would only happen with hard work, discipline, and dedication. This is what has been missing, the goals....the challenge of each and every run. Attainable goals. Why it took this long for me to figure out I don't know. But I finally did.
During this run I felt the need to run, I slowly found myself pushing myself faster, trying to reach the runner in front of me and pass them. Focused on maintaining my pace and making the moment and the feeling last. The feeling was happiness, finding that inner happy place which puts a smile on my face no matter how bad I feel. I wasn't feeling bad just uncomfortable, I was running outside of my everyday self. Pushing myself to push harder. This is what I was missing, my inner strength.
It was only 8 miles but it awakened my inner spirit, it inspired me to push harder and set attainable goals. My eyes are wide open, my heart is open and I am smiling once again. I am back, I am focused, and I am dedicated. Here is to the runner inside me waiting to break free. Focused once again.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Ridge Loop of Death

Yesterday was a busy day for me, I had a dentist appointment in the morning; which I almost forgot about. Thank goodness they called me the day before to remind me. I thought I was going to have cancel on running with Trailmomma, but luckily everything worked out and I arrived at her house right on time.

The dentist was uneventful; I actually get a lot of anxiety when I go to the dentist which is one reason why I get the earliest appointment available. I have been seeing the same hygienist now for close to 18 years I think. Wow that is a long time. What am I going to do when she retires? We actually talked about that yesterday, I told her she will have to train her replacement. I don't do shots or needles, I have had only had one cavity as an adult and luckily I didn't need a shout to numb my mouth. I am very good at spotting needles. I think the thing about the dentist that gets me all worked up is my mind and of course the noise and metal clinking against my teeth. I can only distract/block all that out for so long. We also talked about running and of course Toby and Family. It is hard to believe that they have seen me grow up all these years.

After the dentist I headed up the hill to Trailmomma's house for the ridge loop of death. A 7 mile trail/fire road/road of scorching heat, dry air and hills. Did I mention it is in direct sun light. Aah the sun just melted me and my legs once again were not enjoying all the hills. But don't worry I promised myself that I would once again own this loop like I did a few months ago.

Trailmomma was really patient with me, I would like to think we didn't walk as much but I am sure we did. I just know I was burning up and yes Trailmomma you were right I probably should have worn my visor I had brought but opted not to. Next time!

For the week I have 11 miles and I am planning on running both Saturday and Sunday. Slowly my mojo is coming back and my dedication. What I really need to do is find a loop around my new place that is a lot better than the little loop I have now. Which that wont be too hard, I did finally recharge my Garmin and I have been wearing it so that is a step in the right direction. A small step but a step.

Today I am heading up to Apple Hill for some quality time with Lil Man his sister Kaylee and of course my sister. We plan on enjoying the nice day and of course the apple donuts, fresh fruit, oh the fudge factory and maybe a pony ride for Lil Man. Who knows, it is going to be a nice and relaxing day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday Party for Quinn!!!

This past Saturday was my nephew Quinn's birthday party at my house. Quinn was very excited just like his family. He showed up and had the biggest smile on his face, he is now four....a big boy!!!! Here are a few pictures from this past weekend!

The birthday Boy

Quinn and Lil man with their grabbers, it was a pool/trash party! Quinn really like garbage trucks and anything trash related

My sister and Kaylee, look how big she is getting

Traildog was very well behaved.

Me and Kaylee, I may not be doing much running, but I have been spending alot of time in the pool.
What an awesome cake and smile! I think he is happy

hmmmm, very good, he says

Happy Birthday Quinn, I hope you had fun because I know I did!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Run in The Hills

My mojo for running has been lack there of. I really don't have the drive right now to run. Maybe I really needed a break, or maybe I just need to suck it up and run. I emailed Trailmomma asking her if she was available to run Wednesday or Thursday. She being a great friend that she is emailed back saying Thursday would work the best. I of course was excited. My plan worked, now I have to hold myself accountable and make the run I had set up.

It is not like I am not wanting to run. I just really have been feeling spent after work. The past few weeks at work things have been crazy busy. Trying to catch up from my vacation, catch up on a added trailer and also making sure the day to day paper work is in place all the while staying available to my team and team leads. I have been just drained.

I hit the road on Wednesday of this weeks and did a 2 mile loop three times, each time I ran by my work, three times, than I would run by the house and think I can just stop now, but you know what? I didn't stop I kept on moving. Traildog even did a loop with me and than he called it quits. He started slowing down which was causing me to have slow down and I knew that we had gone out way to fast on that first loop. So I dropped him off and did two more loops. Overall it felt really great to be out running. I know I have lost some fitness, but I am OK with that as I needed a break in order to recharge my batteries so that I am ready to train hard.

Today, I headed up the hill to Trailmomma's house and we did the 7 mile loop that has a bit of climbing, but the views are gorgeous. I had forgotten how challenging this run is and sadly I had to walk some of those hills. I remember the last time I was out there I motored up those hills like I owned them, like I had a jet pack on. But not today. Maybe today's run was so challenging on me as I had a few adult beverages the night before and didn't sleep very well. Usually when I have a run planned I don't drink, but I did last night because I had a few friends over for the opening game of Football. Too bad the Giants lost.

Trailmomma was a trooper and didn't get frustrated or angry with me. She just kept me distracted with all of her stories as we use this time to catch each other up. Thank you Trailmomma for running with me today, I am actually looking forward to next Thursday and tackling this ridge loop again. This time with not as much walking!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Quinn

Today is a special day, today is my nephew Quinn's birthday. He is 4 years old now and has grown so much over the past years and I would say the past weeks.

Happy Birthday Quinn!!!!!
You were always alert even at a young age
You have always loved the water
Even though you may not like it (when you get older), but your mom is always watching out for you!
Every year, every day, every moment always remember that your family is here for you and loves you!
You two always have a great time, there are some moments but that is part of life.
Always remember, you can be what ever you want to be! Just believe in yourself....
And don't forget that it is OK to make a mess! (just remember to clean it up)
Never forget; to always smile, you have the best smile!
You can do it.....
and remember this; I will be there for you, Love You!
Happy Birthday Quinn!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blogger Run in Cool

Before heading back to work on Monday of this week I managed to hit the trails not once, but twice and each time in Cool. I received a text message just as I was packing up for Tahoe. It was Trailmomma asking me I wanted to lead a guided trail run in Cool that would take her and her friend in from Canada Mommy on the Run. I of course said yes and strategically planned when it would work best for me. Wednesday it was!

I arrived at Trailmomma's house to car pool up to Cool. This was my first time meeting Mommy on the run, I have been reading her blog now for a few years.

Off to Cool to go, Trailmomma had mentioned that she wanted me take them down to No Hands Bridge. I of course had the entire run planned out and decided I would also introduce Mommy on the Run to K2, a vertical mile. I thought she would appreciate the views and the challenge of this climb.

I set a nice pace making our way to No Hands via the Western States Trail. There were photo opps along the way and plenty of great views to take in. I think this is the first run where I actually took the time to take the views in. I mean I have seen the views, but I never really appreciated the views. Well I did that day!

At No Hands we spent some time just enjoying the moment and actually reading the signs about the bridge. After the History lesson we headed back to the trail and up to K2. I have trained on K2 a lot getting ready for TRT50, I know that hill, the steepest part, the runnable sections, where the best place was to place each foot. Unfortunately every time I thought we were near the top we weren't. Sorry. But the views once again were worth the climb.

We hit the top and hit the fire road and took the single track trail back to Cool. We were almost back when I heard a rattle and jumped at least five feet in the air all the while screaming. I was first in line so that scared Mommy on the Run and she yells out "what!?!?" All I can say is "you didn't hear that and see that hole." I am pretty sure it was a rattlesnake. It was getting warm out and I know they like to sun bath. It scared the crap out of me. I remember running these trails last summer while training for the Sierra Nevada 50 and running into a few snakes. After all the excitement and great views we made it back to Cool in one piece.

What a great day on the trails, meeting a fellow blogger, making a new friend and running with an old friend. Thanks for inviting me and letting me take you both on a nice rolling loop in Cool!

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