Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Run in The Hills

My mojo for running has been lack there of. I really don't have the drive right now to run. Maybe I really needed a break, or maybe I just need to suck it up and run. I emailed Trailmomma asking her if she was available to run Wednesday or Thursday. She being a great friend that she is emailed back saying Thursday would work the best. I of course was excited. My plan worked, now I have to hold myself accountable and make the run I had set up.

It is not like I am not wanting to run. I just really have been feeling spent after work. The past few weeks at work things have been crazy busy. Trying to catch up from my vacation, catch up on a added trailer and also making sure the day to day paper work is in place all the while staying available to my team and team leads. I have been just drained.

I hit the road on Wednesday of this weeks and did a 2 mile loop three times, each time I ran by my work, three times, than I would run by the house and think I can just stop now, but you know what? I didn't stop I kept on moving. Traildog even did a loop with me and than he called it quits. He started slowing down which was causing me to have slow down and I knew that we had gone out way to fast on that first loop. So I dropped him off and did two more loops. Overall it felt really great to be out running. I know I have lost some fitness, but I am OK with that as I needed a break in order to recharge my batteries so that I am ready to train hard.

Today, I headed up the hill to Trailmomma's house and we did the 7 mile loop that has a bit of climbing, but the views are gorgeous. I had forgotten how challenging this run is and sadly I had to walk some of those hills. I remember the last time I was out there I motored up those hills like I owned them, like I had a jet pack on. But not today. Maybe today's run was so challenging on me as I had a few adult beverages the night before and didn't sleep very well. Usually when I have a run planned I don't drink, but I did last night because I had a few friends over for the opening game of Football. Too bad the Giants lost.

Trailmomma was a trooper and didn't get frustrated or angry with me. She just kept me distracted with all of her stories as we use this time to catch each other up. Thank you Trailmomma for running with me today, I am actually looking forward to next Thursday and tackling this ridge loop again. This time with not as much walking!

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  1. Ack, just getting to this. Sorry. Yes Thursday! Although I ran it on Monday and I struggled. Must be my week to struggle huh? Not as much walking Thursday! Check!