Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blogger Run in Cool

Before heading back to work on Monday of this week I managed to hit the trails not once, but twice and each time in Cool. I received a text message just as I was packing up for Tahoe. It was Trailmomma asking me I wanted to lead a guided trail run in Cool that would take her and her friend in from Canada Mommy on the Run. I of course said yes and strategically planned when it would work best for me. Wednesday it was!

I arrived at Trailmomma's house to car pool up to Cool. This was my first time meeting Mommy on the run, I have been reading her blog now for a few years.

Off to Cool to go, Trailmomma had mentioned that she wanted me take them down to No Hands Bridge. I of course had the entire run planned out and decided I would also introduce Mommy on the Run to K2, a vertical mile. I thought she would appreciate the views and the challenge of this climb.

I set a nice pace making our way to No Hands via the Western States Trail. There were photo opps along the way and plenty of great views to take in. I think this is the first run where I actually took the time to take the views in. I mean I have seen the views, but I never really appreciated the views. Well I did that day!

At No Hands we spent some time just enjoying the moment and actually reading the signs about the bridge. After the History lesson we headed back to the trail and up to K2. I have trained on K2 a lot getting ready for TRT50, I know that hill, the steepest part, the runnable sections, where the best place was to place each foot. Unfortunately every time I thought we were near the top we weren't. Sorry. But the views once again were worth the climb.

We hit the top and hit the fire road and took the single track trail back to Cool. We were almost back when I heard a rattle and jumped at least five feet in the air all the while screaming. I was first in line so that scared Mommy on the Run and she yells out "what!?!?" All I can say is "you didn't hear that and see that hole." I am pretty sure it was a rattlesnake. It was getting warm out and I know they like to sun bath. It scared the crap out of me. I remember running these trails last summer while training for the Sierra Nevada 50 and running into a few snakes. After all the excitement and great views we made it back to Cool in one piece.

What a great day on the trails, meeting a fellow blogger, making a new friend and running with an old friend. Thanks for inviting me and letting me take you both on a nice rolling loop in Cool!

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  1. You and Mommy on the Runs posts are awesome. I just can't find the time or the motivation to sit down and do a proper recap. Now I don't have to! You both did an awesome job!

    I am so behind on blogging! HA