Monday, September 17, 2012

Apple Hill Adventure

This past weekend was a adventure in itself. It started out Friday with a trip to Apple Hill with my sister and Kaylee and Lil Man. I had the entire trip planned out, I knew what stops we were going to make, I knew what I really wanted to buy and I knew that we were going to have some fun.

We started the day off by visiting Rainbow Orchard; where we enjoyed some fresh Apple Donuts. At Rainbow they make the donuts when you order, so you get them when they are piping hot and the most delicious, well in my book at least. We enjoyed a donut while sitting in the orchard and just enjoyed being, enjoyed the smell of the pine trees, the warm sun and of course the donut.

I wonder what Kaylee really wants to enjoy! The apple donut of course!
After Rainbow Orchard we went to Larsen's because here there was a giant water wheel and a museum for all of us to enjoy. Kaylee was in love with the water wheel and couldn't keep her eye's off of it. Lil Man also enjoyed it and I think he really enjoyed being able to pick out a bushel of apples.
Enjoying the water wheel at Larsen's

You be the judge who does Kaylee look like more? Her mom, or me??

It is pretty close

But I think Me....
After Larsen's we headed to High Hill and the fudge factory. We spent time sitting by the pond. I remember as a kid fishing in this pond, it hasn't changed. Lil Man feed the fish and we just enjoyed the calmness of the pond. Lil Man also went on a pony ride, which he is very proud of. I think it was the highlight of the trip for him.
Enjoying the pond

Feeding the fish

Kaylee AKA "the little baby bird" enjoying a snack

Showing me his climbing skills

Look Meme at what I can do!

The pony ride, so proud he is

Before leaving high hill we walked over to the Fudge Factory where we picked out some chocolate and some worms and dirt for Lil Man. After that we headed to Boa Vista and picked up some fresh fruit. By this point Lil Man was telling us how tired he was, so after Boa we headed home. It was a great day enjoying the great outdoors, fresh apple donuts, the calmness at the pond, family time and of course apple pie!
On the drive home. I guess he really was tired.
I know I enjoyed a great Friday with the family and I am sure Lil Man and Kaylee and my sister had fun also. I can't wait for the applesauce to be my sister!!!!

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  1. Kaylee totally looks like me(mom) - you might get points for the hair color but I am going to have to go with me. :). Bradyn and I made applesauce on Monday - I believe he asked everyday since the trip to make applesauce. We had a great time!