Monday, September 24, 2012

Riding Around Town

This past weekend I went on a ride. A ride of epic proportions, well for me that is. I tried something new. I rode on a motorcycle! Now let me tell you I was scared shit less, I mean I was scared. All the crazy thoughts of what could happen went racing through my head as I was standing with my helmet on next to the bike. As I am standing there I had to bend over because I am so scared. I get on the bike and the adrenaline really kicks into overdrive and we hadn't even moved an inch yet. I was already holding onto the little back of the seat for dear life, I was holding on so tight my arms are a bit sore today. I was holding on with everything I had, even my legs were holding on. This was crazy for me.

Picture this, me with a motorcycle helmet on sitting on the bike, now picture the complete fear that is plastered all over my face. Don't worry, it's OK to laugh at the image, I know I am.

Let me tell you, even though I was scared for much of the entire ride it was exciting. To feel the warm air on my skin, to hear the cars go by, it is a completely different sound than what you hear in a car. To lean into the turn even though my brain was telling me not to. That was probably the hardest thing to do, to lean into the turns.

The fact that I was on a motorcycle for a ride around town was pretty amazing. Can you picture me on the back of a bike?

It was awesome, even though I was scared and holding my breath I did eventually relax, but when the motorcycle picked up speed I could slowly feel my body tense up, my grip became more of a death grip and I had to mentally tell myself to breath.

Would I ride the bike again, Yes, I most definitely would. What a ride in the nice afternoon sun.

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