Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Eventful Day with the Kids

My sister had asked me a few a days ago if I was available to watch Kaylee and of course Lil Man. Kaylee right now is 8 months old and crawling all over the place. So I knew that this was going to be an adventure and an adventure it was.

When the kids arrived Kaylee looked like she could really use a nap and I was hoping that she would go down,but nope she had plans on all on her own. She was going to fight through being tired and explore every inch of my house on her hands and knees. She explored the living room and investigated all of Traildogs toys, so I was quickly running around picking everything up and keeping things out of her reach. Meanwhile Lil Man was enjoying some television, but watching television in the family room was not what he wanted. He really wanted to watch television in the "play room." I let him while Kaylee and I kept exploring the house, or rather she just was content following me around while I completed some house chores.

Little Miss Kaylee enjoying her snack

After awhile we all ventured outside because Kaylee really needed some new scenery. Once outside Lil Man really wanted to go swimming, but I was a bit nervous with both of them. So I told him it was OK if he wanted to stand on the first step. Well, that was a big mistake, I should have known he would have something up his sleeve. And within seconds he had "fallen" in up to his chest. Awesome and he was in his street clothes.Than the dogs, decided it would be fun to drop their ball in the water and of course I hadn't moved Lil Man shoes and a shoe fell in the water.

She ended up having cheerios in her onsie by the time her snack was done

So let's recap, Bradyn "fell in the water with his street clothes on, his shoe got pushed into the water, and Kaylee hadn't had a nap! All within the first 30 mintues!"

By now my friend Rachel was at the house and would be able to help. Yes, I called in back up just in case.

We played with Kaylee while Lil Man was enjoying the pool. He was having a blast and laughing and giggling and jumping and swimming. I should have just let him go swimming in the first place this way his clothes would be dry along with his shoe.


After swimming we came inside and Lil Man enjoyed a snack again, he had already eaten spider man cheez its, strawberries, and now grapes. I think he might be growing. Kaylee also enjoyed a snack, some cheerios in her high chair. After snack time Kaylee again explored the house but this time during her exploration she continued to crawl into the sliding glass door, becuase she wanted to say hi to the dogs who were outside. It was awesome because just as she was exploring their mom came to pick them up and of course heard the thud as Kaylee hit the door. The good news was she didn't cry, she just looked at it like what happened.

"Auntie Meme can you please stop taking my picture"

It was a very eventful 2 hours that is for sure. In case you missed it:
-Lil Man "fell into the pool and soaked his clothes on purpose"
-Lil Man shoes fell into the pool
-I forgot to mention it bu Traildog actually fell into the pool
-Kaylee explored and thuded into the sliding glass door

all within 2 hours. Everyone survived and is safe and sound. I had a blast watching both of them. It was fun and great to spend some quality bonding time with my little niece and Lil Man. I am sure there are more good times to come!!!!!!

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