Friday, September 14, 2012

Ridge Loop of Death

Yesterday was a busy day for me, I had a dentist appointment in the morning; which I almost forgot about. Thank goodness they called me the day before to remind me. I thought I was going to have cancel on running with Trailmomma, but luckily everything worked out and I arrived at her house right on time.

The dentist was uneventful; I actually get a lot of anxiety when I go to the dentist which is one reason why I get the earliest appointment available. I have been seeing the same hygienist now for close to 18 years I think. Wow that is a long time. What am I going to do when she retires? We actually talked about that yesterday, I told her she will have to train her replacement. I don't do shots or needles, I have had only had one cavity as an adult and luckily I didn't need a shout to numb my mouth. I am very good at spotting needles. I think the thing about the dentist that gets me all worked up is my mind and of course the noise and metal clinking against my teeth. I can only distract/block all that out for so long. We also talked about running and of course Toby and Family. It is hard to believe that they have seen me grow up all these years.

After the dentist I headed up the hill to Trailmomma's house for the ridge loop of death. A 7 mile trail/fire road/road of scorching heat, dry air and hills. Did I mention it is in direct sun light. Aah the sun just melted me and my legs once again were not enjoying all the hills. But don't worry I promised myself that I would once again own this loop like I did a few months ago.

Trailmomma was really patient with me, I would like to think we didn't walk as much but I am sure we did. I just know I was burning up and yes Trailmomma you were right I probably should have worn my visor I had brought but opted not to. Next time!

For the week I have 11 miles and I am planning on running both Saturday and Sunday. Slowly my mojo is coming back and my dedication. What I really need to do is find a loop around my new place that is a lot better than the little loop I have now. Which that wont be too hard, I did finally recharge my Garmin and I have been wearing it so that is a step in the right direction. A small step but a step.

Today I am heading up to Apple Hill for some quality time with Lil Man his sister Kaylee and of course my sister. We plan on enjoying the nice day and of course the apple donuts, fresh fruit, oh the fudge factory and maybe a pony ride for Lil Man. Who knows, it is going to be a nice and relaxing day.

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