Sunday, November 28, 2010

One of those days

Have you ever had one of those morning where things just don't go as planned? That was me this morning. First off I woke up later then I thought and I had to rush around to get ready to meet up with Fleet Feet for the morning run. Only I didn't rush around, I sat down with my coffee and chit chatted for a bit and when I realized it was time to go I then decided to get ready. I took my time changing my clothes getting my things and next thing I knew I had 15 minutes to get there. Only it wasn't a 15 min. drive more like 20 min.

As I am driving I look and see that I am low on gas. Hmm I wonder if I can make it, then just as I finished that thought the gas light goes on. Should I chance it? No, I had to stop to get gas.

First I wake up late, leave the house late, and now have to get gas. One of those mornings for sure.

I arrived about 10 minutes past 8 this morning. Good thing was I saw which way the group was running, bad thing was I had to run by myself. But I made it, even though it seemed like sub consciously I didn't want to run.

This week has been one crazy week. I ended up working thanksgiving night which means I had to eat and run that day. I drove up to Vacaville to do our usual family get together, it took about 1hr and 30 min. to get there, traffic was bad. The day was alot of fun with a lot of good food. But it was also a short day in as soon as dinner or early lunch was over I had to get back to try and get a little rest before the real chaos begins.

I arrived at work a little after 10:15p.m. and there were people all ready waiting in line, about 40 or so. By the time the doors opened at 4a.m. the line wrapped around the building. It was chaos but in a good way. I had prepped my team for what to expect and what my expectations were. They executed their task perfectly. They stayed one step ahead of me as I had wanted. Great Job. It was a exhausting day and I didn't get home till after 9a.m and I was due back in 10 hours. No rest for the tired.

With it being thanksgiving week my days off were adjusted and instead of three nights off in a row I worked two night, off two nights, back for two nights off one night and back once again tonight. It was a good thing that this week was a taper week because I only managed a 6 mile run on Wednesday and then 8 miles today. CIM is a week away! Off to work.....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lessons Learned

This weeks begins my taper before the California International Marathon (CIM) in two weeks. I am really excited as this marathon will bring me full circle from when I started running a year ago, and what a journey it has been. My journey doesn't end with CIM in 2010 my journey continues into 2011 and what a year it will be.

Sunday I headed to Old Folsom and hooked up with the Fleet Feet group and ran with them around the lake. It was cold, but the weather held and the rain stayed away. There is nothing worse then running when it is really cold and raining.

Mile 1: 9:41- Nice warm up, chit chatting with Michelle and Paula
Mile 2: 9:09- Didn't even notice the speed had picked up
Mile 3: 8:56- Staying relaxed and enjoying the company
Mile 4: 8:55- Just cruising along
Mile 5: 8:37- Whoa, where did that come from
Mile 6: 8:47- Hmmm, I should probably slow down a bit
Mile 7: 8:53- Yeah, defiantly need too
Mile 8: 9:18- Bringing it back down
Mile 9: 9:07- Feeling more comfortable
Mile 10: 9:02- Nice and relaxed
Mile 11: 9:20- Cool down

Overall Pace: 9:00

I learned a lot on this run. I learned that I could push myself, but I also listened when I should slow it down and regroup. That is going to be really important for me. I learned that it is really fun to run with friends, but it is OK to let them go when they increase their speed. The past couple of runs have me re-thinking race strategy with Anthony. But then again it is also going to depend on the conditions of race day and how my body is feeling.

Looking forward to my taper as work is going to be crazy busy this week. Crazy busy because Black Friday is just around the corner. It seems that November has flown by and I only hope that December will also.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where did that run come from?

I have been enjoying a nice four day weekend but Sunday night it is back to retail and all the chaos that comes with it especially around this time of year. Secretly though just between you and me, it is a exciting and challenging time and I love challenges. The challenge is in being able to find space for all of the freight that is coming in and keeping up with all of the extra trailers all the while getting it done so I am not working 12 hr shifts. Challenging yes, exciting yes, exhausting yes!

To get away from all of the challenges at work I run my little heart out. I challenge myself and sometimes I just run to run. Friday I went out for a 10 mile run. This time I ran my normal route but in the opposite direction so that I would be able to take some pressure off of my already tender foot where a blister had decided to exploded a few days ago. It worked, running the other direction didn't put as much pressure on my blister.

I am not sure where this run came from, but it felt awesome. My legs were strong and I was focused. I went out a little bit to fast, but I didn't let that worry me I just went with it and re-adjusted. I know when it is time to run the marathon I will have to keep my eyes on going out to fast. I want to run a conservative first half and then turn it up the second half.

Mile 1: 8:50- Little fast, but I wasn't worried
Mile 2: 9:00- Feeling really good
Mile 3: 9:03- Was relaxed and focused
Mile 4: 8:43- Time for some threshold
Mile 5: 8:46- Legs were still feeling good nice and relaxed!
Mile 6: 8:48- Just a few more miles
Mile 7: 8:49- 4 miles of pushing it, now for a nice and easy cool down
Mile 8: 9:09- slowing cooling down, still feeling relaxed
Mile 9: 9:19- Not bad
Mile 10: 9:20- nice run this morning

Overall Average: 8:59- like I said I wonder where this run came from

I was pretty excited about this run, it felt really good.

I took Saturday off but plan on heading out Sunday for a 2 hr run which will be nice and easy. CIM is right around the corner two weeks away! I wonder how I will feel at work after running 26.2 miles? Yup after the marathon I have to be back at work that night. It should be interesting.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A few runs with bloody socks

November seems to be flying by. Just yesterday it felt like it was Halloween. Thanksgiving is just around the corner which for anyone in retail means Black Friday is near. I am not one of those frantic shoppers trying to get all the deals I am in fact that retail manager trying to keep the shelves full for those of you who will be shopping on Black Friday. I will say that my back room is bursting at the seams so I am actually looking forward to black Friday because that means my back room will empty out. If I can only get through the next couple of days.

On a different note I went running on Wednesday. I didn't push my body to hard because it just didn't fell right. But I wanted to get a few miles in to get my legs loose as I had taken 2 days off. What I wasn't expecting was the excruciating fire like pain coming from the sole of my foot. It lasted for about a mile and just as quickly as it came it was gone so I was able to complete my run. Once I got home I took my shoe off and my sock was a bloody mess. My blister had exploded, even though I had drained it earlier in the week. The good news was, it felt better.

Thursday I went out early for my run. Only it wasn't early enough as my normal route I take runs me by a middle school. So when I reached the middle school there was so much traffic and kids walking to school that I needed to run a different route. Instead of my 1 lap to reach 6 miles I had to do 2 laps of 3 miles. I wasn't really in the mood to do 2 laps. But I did, all the while holding a 9 min pace for each mile . This run I again had a bloody mess on my sock. It is still a little tender when I walk on it and I am hoping it will heal up 100% by the time it is time to run CIM in a few weeks which I am aiming to PR.

Not only did I run but I also had a massage from Lily. Yes, I am still very tender especially my IT band. I love it when I am about ready to jump off the table and she says one more time then works on my IT area more then once. But I know I need it and no matter how much I am squirming  she continues to work on me. Thank you for putting up with all my squirming and me begging you to stop. I don't think I have ever asked her to stop before, that is how much it was hurting. Ohh IT band will you please loosen up.

 The other area I had some difficulties with was my neck. It was as hard as concrete. It had no give. Would you believe me if I told you she had fixed my neck during my last massage. Guess I have been under a lot of stress.

She originally had me on my back, but then had me turn onto my side. As I was on my left side my right shoulder wouldn't give. It was locked into place. She tried to stretch my shoulder but my body was in protective mode and guarding my shoulder. The last time my body was "guarding" was when Dr. Chu from Elite Spinal and Sports Care was trying to adjust my back and he couldn't because it could have caused more damage. When I turned onto my other side I noticed a huge difference. My body was more comfortable and relaxed, there was give in my left shoulder. Not sure what is going on with my right shoulder, but the massage was awesome. I always feel like a new person after getting a massage.

This next week is going to be off the hook. Thank goodness it is also a taper week because I am not sure when I will be able to run.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sleep at last

Sleep, sleep at last....Ok it was a 6 hours of sleep but it is sleep. Probably because I finally hit my exhaustion point and had nothing left in my tank.Oh how great it was to sleep. I turned my phone to silent turned on the ceiling fan for a little circulation and passed out. I didn't even hear Lil Man and my sister come home.

 I haven't run in two days, a blister on the bottom of my foot has derailed me. It is just not any ordinary blister but a blister over a blister and it is on the weight bearing portion of my foot. So after being on my feet for over 10 hours at work running probably wasn't or wouldn't be a good thing especially with CIM just around the corner. I did try today but I went maybe 4 strides before I said No. It is amazing how I ran with some busted ribs but a blister takes me down for a few days.

I could use a little rest this week as work has been crazy busy. With just two nights so far this week I have taken 2 general merchandise trailers plus a grocery trailer and tonight I have 2 general merchandise trailers. The last time I worked lead a team with 2 trailers was 2 years ago because last year I was day side and ummm well the year before that I was on a LOA. So it has been awhile since I have had to manage this large of a workload. Ohh how I love the holidays!!!!

Note to the DC- please bring me some more trucks I love getting additional trailers when I have already written my schedule for the week and now I am begging team members to come in tonight. -insert sarcasm here-

The joys of retail, the many challenges and obstacles! The good news is I slept. Yeah!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time Goes By

Lil Man looked so cute yesterday in his tuxedo. He was the official ring bearer and he did a great job. He looked so grown up, I remember holding him when he was first born. Time sure does go by.

Us before the wedding

This is my favorite, he is so focused!

Job well done Lil Man! So proud of you

Sunday I had made an appointment with Lily. I really needed a massage but I have been putting it off. But before my massage I decided to get in a early morning run. Sleep has been a huge issue for  me so why not go and run. I only did 6 miles just to see where my legs were after my 20 miler on Friday.

Mile 1: 9:11- legs were feeling really good
Mile 2: 9:12- Nice and consistent
Mile 3: 9:17- Still feeling pretty good
Mile 4: 9:09- Back on track again
Mile 5: 9:14- Staying nice and relaxed, except for that blister that came out of nowhere
Mile 6: 9:09- Finished Strong

Overall Average: 9:12

After my run I headed over to Lily's. The last time I had a massage was a few days before SNER and that was 5 weeks ago. I knew I have been needing one but I kept putting it off and next thing I knew it was weeks later. I am gluten for pain, I just keep going pushing my body and in Lily's words I am a mac truck. Nothing will stop me. So I guess this was just a tune up for me.

I was really tender where ever she worked. My IT band, calves, hamstrings, piriformis, and back. Pretty much my entire body. I was will overdue for a massage. Lily works magic, I remember not to long ago when I was in so much pain that I couldn't turn over on her table, she put me back together. I laughed about that, it was maybe a few months ago. Today, my back was really tight. She worked on it and gave me as much pressure as I could stand which wasn't much, but by the time she was finished my entire body felt so much better. I made another appointment for Thursday. I know that after I see Lily no matter how much pain I am in before afterwards it is all gone.

I head back to work tonight, but I have a short work week. I only work three nights so I am really looking forward to my days off.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nice and Easy 10

This morning I was a little sore from yesterdays 20 miler. But not too sore that a nice easy 10 miler couldn't fix. I had every intention of just going out for 10 miles nice and easy, letting my body run as it felt. I did, but I was a little surprised when I finished with a pace 8:41. What?!!?? How is that even possible. I wasn't trying, I was just enjoying the early run. It sure didn't feel like I was going that pace.

The first mile was a bit tough. I was tight, I needed to get my legs loose so I took it pretty easy. When Garmin beeped it showed a 9:07 pace. Again I was shocked, but went with it. I was feeling good at this point and just kept running. For the rest of the run I didn't look at Garmin, I just ran as I wanted. I was still cruising nicely into mile 2 and mile 3 with no major complaints. I had a smile on my face and was very relaxed. I even managed to let my mind go and just take in the beautiful fall colors and being alone.

Mile 4 and 5 I was still feeling very comfortable. My legs were feeling strong and I was just focused on staying relaxed. I have found that I get very tense when I run. I also learned that I need to remind myself to relax my shoulders and pump my arms, if my arms are pumping my legs will follow. It is a lot easier to run when I am relaxed, my stride comes together and it is very comfortable.

As I reached mile 7 I was still feeling strong, which was very surprising especially after running 20 miles yesterday. Only 3 miles to go! The last 3 miles it felt like I slowed down but I just kept pumping my arms and staying relaxed. I finished strong, again letting my body just run and it was a very enjoyable run. My over all pace for 10 miles 8:41. Nice!!!

I had to change my running schedule around a little bit because this afternoon I am heading to my friends wedding. It was a good thing I was able to get my long run in yesterday as I didn't want to be pressed for time. Lil Man is in the wedding and gets to wear a tux and he is the "official ring bearer." But he says he is going to stay home and watch the dogs. Haha Lil Man. Enjoy this gorgeous Saturday everyone!

Oh, by the way, I put my name in the lottery for Western States 100. Drawing is held on December 4.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Last long run before CIM

Today was my last long training run before CIM which is in two weeks. Running for 20 miles gave me a lot of time to reflect on this past year and what a year it has been. When I started my run this morning I wasn't planning on running 20 today but my legs were feeling good and I thought why not. My first loop of 7 miles was pretty solid. I was holding a nice steady pace around 9:00-9:15 min. pace. The rolling hills were no obstacle for me.

As I started my second loop of 7 miles I started to laugh a little. It just dawned on me that this was the exact same training run I did last year for CIM. I guess I am truly a creature runner of habit. The second loop I was holding 9:15-9:30 min per mile. That is still faster then last year. This loop I felt the hills and had to put in a good solid effort to get up them. But I pushed on.

The third loop was only 6 miles I told myself. 6 miles I run that almost every day. I broke it down which helped me mentally. I pushed myself to run to a fixed object and then when I reached my goal I said just a little further until I was finished.

I am glad that I didn't have any repeats like last weeks disastrous 18 miler. That is probably due to the fact that I took yesterday off. Which for me is unheard of. Two days off in one week. I am glad I did though as yesterday was special Meme day with my nephew Lil Man.

I worked Wednesday night and when I got home Lil Man was ready to spend some quality time with me. It all started with chocolate milk, that is our thing. Then we headed to Target so that he could play with Toddler toys. Usually I am pretty good at saying No to any new toys, but yesterday he walked out with a new toy. This new toy had Mater from Cars and had a loop and launch ramp to Mater could fly. It is actually a pretty cool toy and kept entertained for the rest of the morning.

When we returned home he played with his new toy and enjoyed his pop corn. He played with it outside while I played fetch with Traildog. Traildog also received a new toy, it was a Frisbee. We played for an hour and then it was time for lunch, only the best for   my Lil man. Chicken nuggets!!!! He asked for them and who am I to say no on special meme day.

It was a great day yesterday but I was tired as I had just been up for 24 hours. I crashed on my bed around 3:00 p.m. and awoke around 7:00 p.m. where I stayed up for a few hours and then returned to bed still exhausted.

This morning before my run I had an appointment with Dr. Chu from Elite Spinal and Sports Care. I am healing but still have the occasional shooting pain. Usually when I am trying to open up the trailer door or when I am pulling huge pallets of freight at work. He worked on my chest wall this time focused on the right side. My right side was extremely tender and while he was working on me it was very painful uncomfortable  and I wanted to squirm off the table. But I know that with this treatment in the long run I wont be in as much pain.

Looking forward to my taper for CIM. But not looking forward to the craziness of black Friday.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just Drained

This afternoon when I woke up I was not in the mood to go out and run. I was tired mentally which made me tired physically. Work has been challenging and draining me fast. But that is to be expected during 4th quarter and with thanksgiving a few weeks away it is only going to to get busier. But regardless of how I was feeling I went out and completed my run. I actually worked on some threshold training again.

Mile 1: 9:07- was suppose to be my warm up. I was thinking about work and didn't notice my pace was slowly getting faster
Mile 2: 8:20- Now if I can just hold this pace for a few miles while hitting the rolling hills that would be great!
Mile 3: 8:34- I am ok with that, the hills actually were tough today
Mile 4: 8:39- Legs were tired, mind was tired
Mile 5: 8:54- I am going to listen to my body, not going to push it any harder
Mile 6: 9:02- Felt good to be done, legs were really strong on the final mile

It was a struggle to even start this run, but again after completing it my mind is clearer and my body is energized. I find it really interesting that after I complete this type of work out it seems easier to run and hold a 9:00/ 9:20 min per mile pace.

Tonight is my "Friday", yeah!!!! Tomorrow I have a date with Lil Man. We are going to be hanging out in the morning once I get home. I haven't seen him much all week, as by the time I get home he is heading to grandma's or preschool. So I am looking forward to spending some quality time with Lil Man.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sleepless Nights

After taking yesterday off I headed out this afternoon after waking up to run and to get the legs loosened up. Nothing hard just a nice comfortable steady pace. At first my legs were really sluggish and heavy. But as the miles continued on my legs found their stride and I began to enjoy this run. I held a 9:20 pace during this run. I am glad I made the time to get this run in because the past 2 days at work have been challenging.

I am still struggling with my sleep, it seems that I sleep for maybe 5 hours but I wake up every hour and once I finally do wake up I do not feel rested at all. But I think the worst is when I return to overnights I try and take a nap Sunday afternoon, but it doesn't happen so I end up being awake for 24+ hours. I would think that I would sleep really well on Monday but I guess I am on sensory overload by that point and also the fact that I can't turn my brain off. I will say this, that with all this exhaustion I have not increased my caffeine intake. I am being very disciplined on that matter.

I get this question a lot "How do you stay awake?" The answer my friends is I keep moving and I keep moving because once I sit down it is all over. Just like in ultras, be aware of the chair. The chair is my enemy. So basically once I get to work I am on the go, constantly in motion never slowing down. My team has a hard time keeping up. Maybe that is why I am so exhausted once my days off come around. Only 2 more days, I can do it.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cold, Windy and Raining, what more could a runner ask for?

Have you ever had one of those mornings where it is just really hard to go out and run? That wasn't me this morning even though it was cold, windy, and raining. Not just a small few rain drops here and there, but a full on rain storm where it soaked me to the bone.

Since it was raining so hard I thought I would meet up with the Fleet Feet group and run 10 miles with them. I have been running the past 3 weeks by myself and thought that running with a group would be a lot fun since it was raining so hard. Misery loves company.

I arrived a little bit after they started and immediately jumped out my car and caught up with Lily. She had just run Nike Women's Marathon 3 weeks ago and was planning on only run 8-10 miles. I chit chatted with her for a bit and then I was off and cruising up Beals hill. This hill never ends it just keeps going. My leg turn over was really strong here. I was flying up the hill with ease.

 It seemed that the miles were ticking by and pretty soon I only had 1 mile left before the turn around and my legs were still feeling really strong. The rain was still coming down and the only people on the bike path were runners, I didn't see any bikers. I had passed quit a few of the FF runners and was keeping a very steady pace, I wasn't breathing too hard so I knew my effort level wasn't too high.

 I hit the turn around and Coach Dan asked when I started running? As he hadn't seen me start. I told him I was about 3 minutes behind the group, I had caught up to the front group, they were less then a quarter of a mile ahead of me.

I turned around and started back, still keeping a really strong pace. It seemed that my legs were getting stronger and not weaker. Another good sign. I enjoyed the return trip because for the most part it is all down hill besides a few easy climbs.

On the return I saw Coach Nikon and we planned on going to the coffee shop after our run as Lily and I had made plans to do so. I was still cruising at a great pace and as I approached the final hill to the bridge I had caught back up to Lily. As I ran past her she said "Finish Strong." and with that another gear was found and I pushed hard through the final stretch.

When I finished I felt like I could have kept going. My legs were still feeling strong I was just soaking wet and cold. Luckily I had brought a shirt to change into. Glad I wasn't running anymore, but also glad to know that I could have kept going if I wanted to.

Mile 1: 11:36- Talking with Lily
Mile 2: 9:48- off I go
Mile 3: 9:23- Cruising up the hill with ease
Mile 4: 9:44- The wind was strong at some points
Mile 5: 10:09- It was windy and the rain was pelting me in the eyes and I was soaked
Mile 6: 9:15- Not bad
Mile 7: 9:07- hit the down hill part
Mile 8: 9:35- still feeling good
Mile 9: 9:24- One more mile to go
Mile 10: 9:43- Not bad for 10 miles, with 40+ miles in my legs this week.

After the run Lily and I headed over to the coffee shop in Folsom and Coach Nikon met us there. It was good to spend some time with them as I haven't seen them in a week or so. We talked and were both getting excited about the lottery opening up for Western States 100 miler next weekend. Oh did I mention I want to run Western States 100 next year. I must be crazy!!! We even made plans to attend the Lottery drawing on December 4. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!! But first my goal is CIM, I would love to do better then last year. Last year I ran it in 4:30 minutes. This year I would like to finish it in 4hrs. If not that then at least better my time.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Leg Turnover

This morning I knew I was going to head out for a run. The only question was for how long? I had a miserable 18 yesterday so today I decided on only 8 miles but with a some of the miles at a quicker pace to work on leg turn over.

Mile 1: 9:20- Warm up mile, still pretty quick for me

Mile 2: 8:37- Leg turnover
Mile 3: 8:37- Nice, not bad
Mile 4: 8:29- I thought I had a bit more in my tank

Mile 5: 9:09- recovery mile

Mile 6: 9:00- work harder, I know I have more
Mile 7: 8:25- There it is

Mile 8: 9:35- Cool down

Overall pace for all 8 miles: 8:54 in 1 hour and 11 minutes

This run was a lot more exciting for me then yesterday's run. I enjoy seeing how far I can push my body. My legs are little tired today, but I do have a lot of miles in this week. Trailmomma had encouraged me to run some tempos and to also work on speed. I will continue to incorporate some of these work outs in my runs as I would love to get faster. It is pretty surprising how when I increase my speed my body isn't as achy or sore as when I run long and slow. Even Coach Nikon and Captain Kirk were impressed with some of my splits in my earlier runs.

Tomorrow is a new work week for me, only 3 weeks till the madness of thanksgiving and black Friday. Wish me luck!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Now I know

Now I know that my body needs a few days to recover from working nights before I even attempt a long run. Running 18 miles today was not a good idea, but at the time it sounded like a great idea. I could get my long run in and still have a day and half to allow my body to recover before heading back to work Sunday night. Sounds great right?

I had forgotten how re-adjusting to days affects my body. I am lethargic and mentally drained. While working nights remind you I do not sleep very much and I also put in some long hours. I should have allowed my body to rest today and completed my long run on Saturday. But now I know, though this lesson was learned the hard way.

When I awoke this morning I was surprised that I had slept in as late as I did. It was 7:15 a.m when I woke up. Yes, I know 7:15 is not that late but when I was up and about at 4 a.m. in the previous months that is sleeping in for me. I didn't wake up with my normal energy level, that should have been clue number 1. I took my time in getting ready for my run. I enjoyed some breakfast with Lil Man as I haven't seen him in a couple of days. By the time I was ready to run it was 9 a.m. Clue number 2 should have been that I wasn't as mentally focused as I usually am. I was a little foggy and still very low on energy.

As my run unfolded the first few miles were tough, but I just thought I needed to get my legs loosened up a bit. As the miles kept going and the further I was from my car the legs became more tired and heavy. I was still keeping a nice pace roughly holding 9:30 on the way out but it wasn't easy. The effort was too high, but I still just thought I needed to warm up.

Then I realized that this was run was going to be more mental and that just does not make for a enjoyable run. My legs were hurting more so then usually. I decided that maybe a s-cap would help. It did help. I found a new life in my legs. Maybe that was also due to the Tylenol I took. Now I was cruising, but it wouldn't last for long. As I was on my way back I was struggling. By 14 miles my stomach was upset for some reason. And then it happened. I threw up, but only a little. Really!!!! Who throws up in a training run? Me that is who.

I figured this was my body's way of telling me it needed one more day before even thinking about a long run. I should have listened to my body or clued in on the warning signs, like waking up with low energy and mentally not focused. Mistakes on my part, but the good news is 18 miles in the book. Though it was not a pretty 18 miler it still counts as time on feet.

Next time I will be listening to my body and allowing it adequate time to heal/recovery before putting any added stress on it. Now I know!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I survived my first week back at work, on overnights non the less. A total of 3 general merchandise trailers plus 2 grocery trailers in a matter of four days. It was busy needless to say, it was non stop action, I don't even think I sat down to eat, it was pantry food for me because there was no time to sit and eat a real lunch.

I enjoyed this fast pace but it brought back memories of why I burnt out not to long ago. For now I am taking it one day I mean one night at a time because that is all I can do.

Not only did I survive my first week back but I also survived my running work outs which incorporated an increase in speed. I can't remember the last time my work outs were this efficient and consistent. Today's run was an average pace of 9:20 for 6 miles. Nice little recovery run after yesterday's hard work out.

My body so far seems to be responding well to the increased effort I am putting into my work outs. It is actually really refreshing to be running differently. It has brought new challenges to me and goals to reach for. I can't wait for California International Marathon in December.

Meanwhile back home Lil Man, rode his new bike to the park. He was very excited when his mom/my sister asked if he wanted to ride his bike to the park. His response "oh Boy!" I chuckled when I heard him say that. He was very excited. He ended up riding/walking to the park. It took them 30 minutes to get to the park, which is 1 mile away. Nice work Lil Man. Then he played at the park for an hour and half. WOW! The ride/walk home I am sure was very exciting but he made it. A total of 2 miles riding and walking. Before the longest bike ride he had completed was around the block, now he is riding 2 miles. The great thing about all this activity was he fell asleep on the couch as soon as he got home.

ahh how cute! That is one exhausted boy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finding the Time

It is amazing how time goes bye and how sometimes time does not go bye as quickly as one would like. Let me back up a little bit. This past Sunday I went to back to work after a two week vacation and a 4 month remodel project. A lot has changed with the process in the time I was not there. It felt like my process was a derailed train and I was going through the rubble and picking up the pieces. I needed to start with the basics and that is just what I have been doing. Once the basics are back on track I can move the process from there.

With that being said my first night was a shock to my body. After not being on grave yards for 4 months it was really hard mentally and physically to return. But as the days nights continued it was a little easier but not much. Easier because I was finding my groove again, but harder because I have a really hard time sleeping. Maybe 5 hours a night day. Which is not a lot when I wake up every other hour. And just as I figure out my sleep situation it is my day off and I return to normal a regular sleep cycle. The craziness of working grave yards.

I did manage to get a few quality runs in. I took Monday as a rest day but in looking back I probably should have run a recovery run because on Tuesday my legs were really heavy and I didn't have the turn over I was hoping for. That also could have been due to me working 10 hours on my legs all night. Here is the break down on Tuesday's 6 mile run.

Mile 1: 9:16- just a nice warm up here, legs were really heavy
Mile 2: 8:58- a bit faster but I wont be pushing myself to hard.
Mile 3: 8: 55-When is this run going to be over, my legs are soooo tired
Mile 4: 9:05- Just keep running
Mile 5: 9:02- almost done!!!!
Mile 6: 9:07-Yes!! Finished- that was a tough run

Overall Pace 9:04

Wednesday I was debating with myself if I was going to run. I was tired, it has been a long first week back at work and my body was feeling it. It is aching and tight, but I finally decided I should run as it helps to get me mentally ready for the nights activities and it just makes me feel better and more awake. So I headed out and ended up running 7 miles. I took a route I hadn't taken in awhile and it was a rolling terrain. I pushed hard on the hills to help increase my leg turn over and then I just pushed hard.

Mile 1: 8:45- legs were feeling really good!
Mile 2: 8:41-Wonder how long I can keep this up?
Mile 3: 8:35-I guess a bit longer
Mile 4: 8:37- OK, still feeling good
Mile 5: 8:53-legs were getting a little tired
Mile 6: 9:12-Still a good pace
Mile 7: 9:12- Not bad for 7 miles

Overall pace was 8:42. Not bad for a 7 mile run. Wasn't trying to hit that mark, but hey when the legs feel good why not.

This week it has been about finding the time to get my runs in. I haven't been able to run with Trailmomma this week as she has been super busy and I have been trying to survive this week. I managed to find the time and mustered up the energy to get out there and run. I am really looking forward to my days off. Only one more night.......