Saturday, November 6, 2010

Leg Turnover

This morning I knew I was going to head out for a run. The only question was for how long? I had a miserable 18 yesterday so today I decided on only 8 miles but with a some of the miles at a quicker pace to work on leg turn over.

Mile 1: 9:20- Warm up mile, still pretty quick for me

Mile 2: 8:37- Leg turnover
Mile 3: 8:37- Nice, not bad
Mile 4: 8:29- I thought I had a bit more in my tank

Mile 5: 9:09- recovery mile

Mile 6: 9:00- work harder, I know I have more
Mile 7: 8:25- There it is

Mile 8: 9:35- Cool down

Overall pace for all 8 miles: 8:54 in 1 hour and 11 minutes

This run was a lot more exciting for me then yesterday's run. I enjoy seeing how far I can push my body. My legs are little tired today, but I do have a lot of miles in this week. Trailmomma had encouraged me to run some tempos and to also work on speed. I will continue to incorporate some of these work outs in my runs as I would love to get faster. It is pretty surprising how when I increase my speed my body isn't as achy or sore as when I run long and slow. Even Coach Nikon and Captain Kirk were impressed with some of my splits in my earlier runs.

Tomorrow is a new work week for me, only 3 weeks till the madness of thanksgiving and black Friday. Wish me luck!

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  1. Nice job on the run.

    However, my words of wisdom are, don't do tempo or speed after you long run. Your body needs time to recover don't forget. Typically I'd do a tempo run mid week followed by a rest day or real easy day and then my long run. Not the other way around.

    Don't worry about length of tempo runs either. I would generally keep them between 3 and 5 miles but not more than that.

    Hope you work week goes much better. I have a short week myself with Thursday's holiday! Yipee for me except I still have to work that night. ha