Sunday, November 28, 2010

One of those days

Have you ever had one of those morning where things just don't go as planned? That was me this morning. First off I woke up later then I thought and I had to rush around to get ready to meet up with Fleet Feet for the morning run. Only I didn't rush around, I sat down with my coffee and chit chatted for a bit and when I realized it was time to go I then decided to get ready. I took my time changing my clothes getting my things and next thing I knew I had 15 minutes to get there. Only it wasn't a 15 min. drive more like 20 min.

As I am driving I look and see that I am low on gas. Hmm I wonder if I can make it, then just as I finished that thought the gas light goes on. Should I chance it? No, I had to stop to get gas.

First I wake up late, leave the house late, and now have to get gas. One of those mornings for sure.

I arrived about 10 minutes past 8 this morning. Good thing was I saw which way the group was running, bad thing was I had to run by myself. But I made it, even though it seemed like sub consciously I didn't want to run.

This week has been one crazy week. I ended up working thanksgiving night which means I had to eat and run that day. I drove up to Vacaville to do our usual family get together, it took about 1hr and 30 min. to get there, traffic was bad. The day was alot of fun with a lot of good food. But it was also a short day in as soon as dinner or early lunch was over I had to get back to try and get a little rest before the real chaos begins.

I arrived at work a little after 10:15p.m. and there were people all ready waiting in line, about 40 or so. By the time the doors opened at 4a.m. the line wrapped around the building. It was chaos but in a good way. I had prepped my team for what to expect and what my expectations were. They executed their task perfectly. They stayed one step ahead of me as I had wanted. Great Job. It was a exhausting day and I didn't get home till after 9a.m and I was due back in 10 hours. No rest for the tired.

With it being thanksgiving week my days off were adjusted and instead of three nights off in a row I worked two night, off two nights, back for two nights off one night and back once again tonight. It was a good thing that this week was a taper week because I only managed a 6 mile run on Wednesday and then 8 miles today. CIM is a week away! Off to work.....


  1. I think I have those days almost every day. Way to push yourself to get a run in.
    Good luck at CIM!

  2. You are a nut but man, you run your job like clockwork! :-)

    Sorry for the mad shoppers. I actually went to your work (well, the one in EDH) at 10 am on Friday and it was dead! HA Well not dead, but no lines. Sweet! :-)

    Hang in there. Hoping to be at the FF booth on Sunday!!!