Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just Drained

This afternoon when I woke up I was not in the mood to go out and run. I was tired mentally which made me tired physically. Work has been challenging and draining me fast. But that is to be expected during 4th quarter and with thanksgiving a few weeks away it is only going to to get busier. But regardless of how I was feeling I went out and completed my run. I actually worked on some threshold training again.

Mile 1: 9:07- was suppose to be my warm up. I was thinking about work and didn't notice my pace was slowly getting faster
Mile 2: 8:20- Now if I can just hold this pace for a few miles while hitting the rolling hills that would be great!
Mile 3: 8:34- I am ok with that, the hills actually were tough today
Mile 4: 8:39- Legs were tired, mind was tired
Mile 5: 8:54- I am going to listen to my body, not going to push it any harder
Mile 6: 9:02- Felt good to be done, legs were really strong on the final mile

It was a struggle to even start this run, but again after completing it my mind is clearer and my body is energized. I find it really interesting that after I complete this type of work out it seems easier to run and hold a 9:00/ 9:20 min per mile pace.

Tonight is my "Friday", yeah!!!! Tomorrow I have a date with Lil Man. We are going to be hanging out in the morning once I get home. I haven't seen him much all week, as by the time I get home he is heading to grandma's or preschool. So I am looking forward to spending some quality time with Lil Man.

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