Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time Goes By

Lil Man looked so cute yesterday in his tuxedo. He was the official ring bearer and he did a great job. He looked so grown up, I remember holding him when he was first born. Time sure does go by.

Us before the wedding

This is my favorite, he is so focused!

Job well done Lil Man! So proud of you

Sunday I had made an appointment with Lily. I really needed a massage but I have been putting it off. But before my massage I decided to get in a early morning run. Sleep has been a huge issue for  me so why not go and run. I only did 6 miles just to see where my legs were after my 20 miler on Friday.

Mile 1: 9:11- legs were feeling really good
Mile 2: 9:12- Nice and consistent
Mile 3: 9:17- Still feeling pretty good
Mile 4: 9:09- Back on track again
Mile 5: 9:14- Staying nice and relaxed, except for that blister that came out of nowhere
Mile 6: 9:09- Finished Strong

Overall Average: 9:12

After my run I headed over to Lily's. The last time I had a massage was a few days before SNER and that was 5 weeks ago. I knew I have been needing one but I kept putting it off and next thing I knew it was weeks later. I am gluten for pain, I just keep going pushing my body and in Lily's words I am a mac truck. Nothing will stop me. So I guess this was just a tune up for me.

I was really tender where ever she worked. My IT band, calves, hamstrings, piriformis, and back. Pretty much my entire body. I was will overdue for a massage. Lily works magic, I remember not to long ago when I was in so much pain that I couldn't turn over on her table, she put me back together. I laughed about that, it was maybe a few months ago. Today, my back was really tight. She worked on it and gave me as much pressure as I could stand which wasn't much, but by the time she was finished my entire body felt so much better. I made another appointment for Thursday. I know that after I see Lily no matter how much pain I am in before afterwards it is all gone.

I head back to work tonight, but I have a short work week. I only work three nights so I am really looking forward to my days off.

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