Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cold, Windy and Raining, what more could a runner ask for?

Have you ever had one of those mornings where it is just really hard to go out and run? That wasn't me this morning even though it was cold, windy, and raining. Not just a small few rain drops here and there, but a full on rain storm where it soaked me to the bone.

Since it was raining so hard I thought I would meet up with the Fleet Feet group and run 10 miles with them. I have been running the past 3 weeks by myself and thought that running with a group would be a lot fun since it was raining so hard. Misery loves company.

I arrived a little bit after they started and immediately jumped out my car and caught up with Lily. She had just run Nike Women's Marathon 3 weeks ago and was planning on only run 8-10 miles. I chit chatted with her for a bit and then I was off and cruising up Beals hill. This hill never ends it just keeps going. My leg turn over was really strong here. I was flying up the hill with ease.

 It seemed that the miles were ticking by and pretty soon I only had 1 mile left before the turn around and my legs were still feeling really strong. The rain was still coming down and the only people on the bike path were runners, I didn't see any bikers. I had passed quit a few of the FF runners and was keeping a very steady pace, I wasn't breathing too hard so I knew my effort level wasn't too high.

 I hit the turn around and Coach Dan asked when I started running? As he hadn't seen me start. I told him I was about 3 minutes behind the group, I had caught up to the front group, they were less then a quarter of a mile ahead of me.

I turned around and started back, still keeping a really strong pace. It seemed that my legs were getting stronger and not weaker. Another good sign. I enjoyed the return trip because for the most part it is all down hill besides a few easy climbs.

On the return I saw Coach Nikon and we planned on going to the coffee shop after our run as Lily and I had made plans to do so. I was still cruising at a great pace and as I approached the final hill to the bridge I had caught back up to Lily. As I ran past her she said "Finish Strong." and with that another gear was found and I pushed hard through the final stretch.

When I finished I felt like I could have kept going. My legs were still feeling strong I was just soaking wet and cold. Luckily I had brought a shirt to change into. Glad I wasn't running anymore, but also glad to know that I could have kept going if I wanted to.

Mile 1: 11:36- Talking with Lily
Mile 2: 9:48- off I go
Mile 3: 9:23- Cruising up the hill with ease
Mile 4: 9:44- The wind was strong at some points
Mile 5: 10:09- It was windy and the rain was pelting me in the eyes and I was soaked
Mile 6: 9:15- Not bad
Mile 7: 9:07- hit the down hill part
Mile 8: 9:35- still feeling good
Mile 9: 9:24- One more mile to go
Mile 10: 9:43- Not bad for 10 miles, with 40+ miles in my legs this week.

After the run Lily and I headed over to the coffee shop in Folsom and Coach Nikon met us there. It was good to spend some time with them as I haven't seen them in a week or so. We talked and were both getting excited about the lottery opening up for Western States 100 miler next weekend. Oh did I mention I want to run Western States 100 next year. I must be crazy!!! We even made plans to attend the Lottery drawing on December 4. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!! But first my goal is CIM, I would love to do better then last year. Last year I ran it in 4:30 minutes. This year I would like to finish it in 4hrs. If not that then at least better my time.

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  1. I had no idea you wanted to do WS. Good luck in the lottery. ;)