Monday, November 22, 2010

Lessons Learned

This weeks begins my taper before the California International Marathon (CIM) in two weeks. I am really excited as this marathon will bring me full circle from when I started running a year ago, and what a journey it has been. My journey doesn't end with CIM in 2010 my journey continues into 2011 and what a year it will be.

Sunday I headed to Old Folsom and hooked up with the Fleet Feet group and ran with them around the lake. It was cold, but the weather held and the rain stayed away. There is nothing worse then running when it is really cold and raining.

Mile 1: 9:41- Nice warm up, chit chatting with Michelle and Paula
Mile 2: 9:09- Didn't even notice the speed had picked up
Mile 3: 8:56- Staying relaxed and enjoying the company
Mile 4: 8:55- Just cruising along
Mile 5: 8:37- Whoa, where did that come from
Mile 6: 8:47- Hmmm, I should probably slow down a bit
Mile 7: 8:53- Yeah, defiantly need too
Mile 8: 9:18- Bringing it back down
Mile 9: 9:07- Feeling more comfortable
Mile 10: 9:02- Nice and relaxed
Mile 11: 9:20- Cool down

Overall Pace: 9:00

I learned a lot on this run. I learned that I could push myself, but I also listened when I should slow it down and regroup. That is going to be really important for me. I learned that it is really fun to run with friends, but it is OK to let them go when they increase their speed. The past couple of runs have me re-thinking race strategy with Anthony. But then again it is also going to depend on the conditions of race day and how my body is feeling.

Looking forward to my taper as work is going to be crazy busy this week. Crazy busy because Black Friday is just around the corner. It seems that November has flown by and I only hope that December will also.


  1. Enjoy taper week. Wash your hands, sanitize and stay away from Lil Man's sneezes! :-)

  2. Enjoy the taper. Follow Trailmomma's advise. You'll rock at CIM!!
    Happy Thanksgiving