Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finding the Time

It is amazing how time goes bye and how sometimes time does not go bye as quickly as one would like. Let me back up a little bit. This past Sunday I went to back to work after a two week vacation and a 4 month remodel project. A lot has changed with the process in the time I was not there. It felt like my process was a derailed train and I was going through the rubble and picking up the pieces. I needed to start with the basics and that is just what I have been doing. Once the basics are back on track I can move the process from there.

With that being said my first night was a shock to my body. After not being on grave yards for 4 months it was really hard mentally and physically to return. But as the days nights continued it was a little easier but not much. Easier because I was finding my groove again, but harder because I have a really hard time sleeping. Maybe 5 hours a night day. Which is not a lot when I wake up every other hour. And just as I figure out my sleep situation it is my day off and I return to normal a regular sleep cycle. The craziness of working grave yards.

I did manage to get a few quality runs in. I took Monday as a rest day but in looking back I probably should have run a recovery run because on Tuesday my legs were really heavy and I didn't have the turn over I was hoping for. That also could have been due to me working 10 hours on my legs all night. Here is the break down on Tuesday's 6 mile run.

Mile 1: 9:16- just a nice warm up here, legs were really heavy
Mile 2: 8:58- a bit faster but I wont be pushing myself to hard.
Mile 3: 8: 55-When is this run going to be over, my legs are soooo tired
Mile 4: 9:05- Just keep running
Mile 5: 9:02- almost done!!!!
Mile 6: 9:07-Yes!! Finished- that was a tough run

Overall Pace 9:04

Wednesday I was debating with myself if I was going to run. I was tired, it has been a long first week back at work and my body was feeling it. It is aching and tight, but I finally decided I should run as it helps to get me mentally ready for the nights activities and it just makes me feel better and more awake. So I headed out and ended up running 7 miles. I took a route I hadn't taken in awhile and it was a rolling terrain. I pushed hard on the hills to help increase my leg turn over and then I just pushed hard.

Mile 1: 8:45- legs were feeling really good!
Mile 2: 8:41-Wonder how long I can keep this up?
Mile 3: 8:35-I guess a bit longer
Mile 4: 8:37- OK, still feeling good
Mile 5: 8:53-legs were getting a little tired
Mile 6: 9:12-Still a good pace
Mile 7: 9:12- Not bad for 7 miles

Overall pace was 8:42. Not bad for a 7 mile run. Wasn't trying to hit that mark, but hey when the legs feel good why not.

This week it has been about finding the time to get my runs in. I haven't been able to run with Trailmomma this week as she has been super busy and I have been trying to survive this week. I managed to find the time and mustered up the energy to get out there and run. I am really looking forward to my days off. Only one more night.......

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  1. I am a night owl but I don't think I could stand working graveyard shift.

    You need to find time to run with TM!! You both need it. ;)