Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where did that run come from?

I have been enjoying a nice four day weekend but Sunday night it is back to retail and all the chaos that comes with it especially around this time of year. Secretly though just between you and me, it is a exciting and challenging time and I love challenges. The challenge is in being able to find space for all of the freight that is coming in and keeping up with all of the extra trailers all the while getting it done so I am not working 12 hr shifts. Challenging yes, exciting yes, exhausting yes!

To get away from all of the challenges at work I run my little heart out. I challenge myself and sometimes I just run to run. Friday I went out for a 10 mile run. This time I ran my normal route but in the opposite direction so that I would be able to take some pressure off of my already tender foot where a blister had decided to exploded a few days ago. It worked, running the other direction didn't put as much pressure on my blister.

I am not sure where this run came from, but it felt awesome. My legs were strong and I was focused. I went out a little bit to fast, but I didn't let that worry me I just went with it and re-adjusted. I know when it is time to run the marathon I will have to keep my eyes on going out to fast. I want to run a conservative first half and then turn it up the second half.

Mile 1: 8:50- Little fast, but I wasn't worried
Mile 2: 9:00- Feeling really good
Mile 3: 9:03- Was relaxed and focused
Mile 4: 8:43- Time for some threshold
Mile 5: 8:46- Legs were still feeling good nice and relaxed!
Mile 6: 8:48- Just a few more miles
Mile 7: 8:49- 4 miles of pushing it, now for a nice and easy cool down
Mile 8: 9:09- slowing cooling down, still feeling relaxed
Mile 9: 9:19- Not bad
Mile 10: 9:20- nice run this morning

Overall Average: 8:59- like I said I wonder where this run came from

I was pretty excited about this run, it felt really good.

I took Saturday off but plan on heading out Sunday for a 2 hr run which will be nice and easy. CIM is right around the corner two weeks away! I wonder how I will feel at work after running 26.2 miles? Yup after the marathon I have to be back at work that night. It should be interesting.


  1. I booked a vacation for the week after my first Marathon, I wish I could do that for every race!