Thursday, November 4, 2010


I survived my first week back at work, on overnights non the less. A total of 3 general merchandise trailers plus 2 grocery trailers in a matter of four days. It was busy needless to say, it was non stop action, I don't even think I sat down to eat, it was pantry food for me because there was no time to sit and eat a real lunch.

I enjoyed this fast pace but it brought back memories of why I burnt out not to long ago. For now I am taking it one day I mean one night at a time because that is all I can do.

Not only did I survive my first week back but I also survived my running work outs which incorporated an increase in speed. I can't remember the last time my work outs were this efficient and consistent. Today's run was an average pace of 9:20 for 6 miles. Nice little recovery run after yesterday's hard work out.

My body so far seems to be responding well to the increased effort I am putting into my work outs. It is actually really refreshing to be running differently. It has brought new challenges to me and goals to reach for. I can't wait for California International Marathon in December.

Meanwhile back home Lil Man, rode his new bike to the park. He was very excited when his mom/my sister asked if he wanted to ride his bike to the park. His response "oh Boy!" I chuckled when I heard him say that. He was very excited. He ended up riding/walking to the park. It took them 30 minutes to get to the park, which is 1 mile away. Nice work Lil Man. Then he played at the park for an hour and half. WOW! The ride/walk home I am sure was very exciting but he made it. A total of 2 miles riding and walking. Before the longest bike ride he had completed was around the block, now he is riding 2 miles. The great thing about all this activity was he fell asleep on the couch as soon as he got home.

ahh how cute! That is one exhausted boy.


  1. YAY for surviving work, for challenging runs, and for lil man! Sounds like you've been busy, and feeling healthy too? Hope so!

  2. Congrats for surviving work this week. Sounds really rough.

    Lil Man is really too cute.

    I think you need to start incorporating different kinds of runs into your workouts vs just going out and running miles. If you really want to improve for CIM you should be doing a day of speed and a day for tempo runs. That'll really boots your pace in no time.

    Miss running with you too. My speed days are gone for the time being. Longest break from running for me (not counting injury) in a long time.