Monday, October 21, 2013

21 Miles For The Week!!!!!

This past week I would say was pretty successful. I managed to log 21 miles in running which is a huge jump from the previous 10 miles the week prior. Overall I am excited that I am able to run again and even more excited that Trailmomma and I are meeting up on Sunday's for our "long run."

Yesterday I went to work about 3:45am and worked until 11:45ish. Once I arrived home I immediately changed into my running clothes grabbed some water and then headed off to Trailmomma's house. Trailmomma was all ready to go and she even had a surprise for me. A new route that she wanted to try. I was looking forward to trying a new route. This new route would take us to Brown's Ravine and a small loop over by the lake and then we would tackle the hills on the last mile back to her place.

The run was pretty great, it felt like we were in the middle of the woods when in fact we weren't. It was also warm out there about 84. I of course didn't bring any water for the run which was a mistake on part, but Trailmomma being a great friend let me have some of hers. The route took us on the road and even some dirt trails. It felt great to be back on the dirt again. We even got a little silly and took our classic JC Penny pose while out there. You will have to check out her site for the pictures though. 

All in all, it is tough getting back in shape, but what makes it easier is having a training buddy who can keep you motivated and focused. I am sure that if I hadn't made arrangements to meet Trailmomma yesterday, then I probably would not have run as far as we did. 7 miles is a big thing. I do know that soon I will start incorporating some hill work to rebuild my leg power and next week we have plans for hopefully a 10 mile run and yes, I will bring water next time. Thanks Trailmomma for the run and thanks to my wife for all the support.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Running Again

After being not able to run for the past 2 months due to a hip flexor injury and also my wedding, I am pleased and excited to say that I am back to running once again. Oh how I have missed it. I can actually feel that my body missed it.

It has been a challenging 2 weeks of a lot of emotional lows in trying to get my brain and body to remember how to run. My first run was 4 miles, I knew I didn't want to push my body and that I needed to rebuild the milage. 4 miles was a long ways. I had plenty of walk breaks which was disheartening and I had no power. I knew that this was due to not running.

At the time of my injury it was actually pretty difficult to walk. To bring my leg forward brought pain and I walked with a limp for a few weeks. In fact the joke around the house was, "You better not have that limp when we get married." Oh the pressure was on. Actually not really.

After the pathetic 4 miler I was mentally in a funk. But, I kept at and my next 4 miler was just as bad as the first. It was like my body forgot how to run. Which I am sure it did, but I knew that eventually on one of my runs everything will click.

This past weekend, I emailed my friend Trailmomma and we made plans to run together. During that run everything felt better. I was actually running. We made plans to continue to run on the weekends in fact we are getting together this Sunday and will actually try some dirt fire roads.

It feels great to be running again. I have missed it. Now I just need to focus on building my strength and leg turn over. I know my fitness will come back, I am sure that this 2 month break was needed. I am looking forward to racing again but most of all I am looking forward to spending some time with my running friends.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cascade Hike/ Rainbow Trail Hike

We have been home now for almost a week. It is really hard to go back to work because all I really want to do is be home with my wife. We had a blast in South Lake Tahoe. We did a bit of hiking, some horseback riding, some relaxing but most of all we were with each other. Our last day we were there we did the Cascade Lake Trail hike. It is moderate 1 mile stair case hike to a overlook that overlooks Cascade lake. Which is a private lake for the residence. It also gives us spectacular views of Lake Tahoe in the back ground. We took our time on the way out and really enjoyed the views. 

This is right before the hike

Here I am on the left jumping for joy and on the right Rachel is at peace with the view and sun. 

Rachel really wanted to do some rock climbing. 

Cascade Lake with Lake Tahoe in the background. 

Here I am practicing my JC Penny pose.  

Pretty neat tree

The view without the lake. Any view in Tahoe is beautiful. 

We also went to Taylor Creek visitors center and walked the Rainbow Trail. During early/late October the Salmon are running as it will be spawning season for them. If you are lucky you might get a glimpse of a bear enjoying some fish. 

Unfortunately the Salmon weren't running, but soon. 

We did though see a family of bears. A momma bear and her two cubs. In the middle of the picture you can see the last cub. That was pretty cool. I wonder if that was the same bear I saw last year? We had a great time and I can't wait to go back again.