Friday, October 18, 2013

Running Again

After being not able to run for the past 2 months due to a hip flexor injury and also my wedding, I am pleased and excited to say that I am back to running once again. Oh how I have missed it. I can actually feel that my body missed it.

It has been a challenging 2 weeks of a lot of emotional lows in trying to get my brain and body to remember how to run. My first run was 4 miles, I knew I didn't want to push my body and that I needed to rebuild the milage. 4 miles was a long ways. I had plenty of walk breaks which was disheartening and I had no power. I knew that this was due to not running.

At the time of my injury it was actually pretty difficult to walk. To bring my leg forward brought pain and I walked with a limp for a few weeks. In fact the joke around the house was, "You better not have that limp when we get married." Oh the pressure was on. Actually not really.

After the pathetic 4 miler I was mentally in a funk. But, I kept at and my next 4 miler was just as bad as the first. It was like my body forgot how to run. Which I am sure it did, but I knew that eventually on one of my runs everything will click.

This past weekend, I emailed my friend Trailmomma and we made plans to run together. During that run everything felt better. I was actually running. We made plans to continue to run on the weekends in fact we are getting together this Sunday and will actually try some dirt fire roads.

It feels great to be running again. I have missed it. Now I just need to focus on building my strength and leg turn over. I know my fitness will come back, I am sure that this 2 month break was needed. I am looking forward to racing again but most of all I am looking forward to spending some time with my running friends.

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