Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nice and Easy 10

This morning I was a little sore from yesterdays 20 miler. But not too sore that a nice easy 10 miler couldn't fix. I had every intention of just going out for 10 miles nice and easy, letting my body run as it felt. I did, but I was a little surprised when I finished with a pace 8:41. What?!!?? How is that even possible. I wasn't trying, I was just enjoying the early run. It sure didn't feel like I was going that pace.

The first mile was a bit tough. I was tight, I needed to get my legs loose so I took it pretty easy. When Garmin beeped it showed a 9:07 pace. Again I was shocked, but went with it. I was feeling good at this point and just kept running. For the rest of the run I didn't look at Garmin, I just ran as I wanted. I was still cruising nicely into mile 2 and mile 3 with no major complaints. I had a smile on my face and was very relaxed. I even managed to let my mind go and just take in the beautiful fall colors and being alone.

Mile 4 and 5 I was still feeling very comfortable. My legs were feeling strong and I was just focused on staying relaxed. I have found that I get very tense when I run. I also learned that I need to remind myself to relax my shoulders and pump my arms, if my arms are pumping my legs will follow. It is a lot easier to run when I am relaxed, my stride comes together and it is very comfortable.

As I reached mile 7 I was still feeling strong, which was very surprising especially after running 20 miles yesterday. Only 3 miles to go! The last 3 miles it felt like I slowed down but I just kept pumping my arms and staying relaxed. I finished strong, again letting my body just run and it was a very enjoyable run. My over all pace for 10 miles 8:41. Nice!!!

I had to change my running schedule around a little bit because this afternoon I am heading to my friends wedding. It was a good thing I was able to get my long run in yesterday as I didn't want to be pressed for time. Lil Man is in the wedding and gets to wear a tux and he is the "official ring bearer." But he says he is going to stay home and watch the dogs. Haha Lil Man. Enjoy this gorgeous Saturday everyone!

Oh, by the way, I put my name in the lottery for Western States 100. Drawing is held on December 4.


  1. Good luck for Western States and gratz on the awesome run. I can't wait until I can run an easy 10-miler!

  2. Fingers are crossed for Western States!!! I just wish I could pace you and experience it all with you.

    Great job on the run both days. Enjoy the wedding.