Friday, December 3, 2010

Recenter and race goal

It has been a crazy week for me especially at work. Granted it was a short work week for me, I worked three nights and have four nights off. I have been feeling burnt out. Saving everything I have just to get through the nights. Planning, strategy's, driving my team, motivating them. It is exhausting mentally always having to be on top of my "game" and physically always having to have the high energy because if I am off the entire team is off. But that is also why I enjoy my job, the excitement of the new challenges day in and day out, the planning and looking at the numbers and crunching the numbers to ensure a completion of the trailer.

Every night is different the plan has to be different every night as the plan that worked so well say on Sunday wont work on Monday. It is about knowing my team and their individual strengths and how to motivate individuals as everyone is motivated in a different way. What works for one may back fire on someone else. The real question one of my team members asked me is "How does one motivate the motivator?" That is a very good question.

What motivates me? Challenges motivate me, high expectations, or when someone says it can't be done I like to prove them wrong that it can be done. What motivates me when I run, the same thing. Challenges, having a goal, the feeling that I pushed my body and mind, that I left everything out there. Sometimes it is as simple as getting me angry, but be careful as that is a fine line that could lead to disaster. I push myself, I strive for completion, I look forward to achieving my goals it is what keeps me going. I am still figuring out what motivates me. What motivates you?

With everything at work I am burnt out. My body has been tired and it is telling me so. But I am still ready for CIM on Sunday. I am excited and it is going to be a way for me to recenter myself. I am off balance. I saw DR. Chu on Wednesday for my pre-race adjustment. Everything was out of whack. My hip was out of alignment, my back was out alignment, some ribs were out of place -yes I am still having rib problems but not as bad as a few months ago-, and my neck was the tightest he has seen. He fixed me up and realigned everything.

Then on Thursday I saw Lily and she gave me my pre-race massage. I didn't realize how heavy everything was. She said that my legs were so loaded that if she didn't know better she would have thought I had run a marathon already. She spent a lot of time on my legs getting them lighter. It is interesting how I hadn't really noticed any of this but after each appointment I felt a huge improvement. I could move my neck for one, and two my legs felt a lot better.

I have also figured out my race goal, a goal that I believe is attainable. I am aiming for a 4:10 finish. That is a 9:30 pace overall or for the first 13 miles I am taking it nice and easy with a 9:45 pace and the second half I increase my pace to a 9:20. My friend Anthony has been helping with my race strategy. I know that I need to stay contained during the first half, I have a tendency to go out to hard. I will most likely stick with a pace group and as Kirk mention if at mile 22 I am feeling good to go for it. Either way I plan on PR on Sunday. That is the ultimate goal to PR. Hope to see you out there!

Western States Lottery is Tomorrow!!!!


  1. You are going to rock it! Fingers crossed all weekend for me . . . well for you . .. you know what I mean! :-)

  2. Trail Pigeon is back!! Great job yesterday.
    See you on the trails.
    Miss P