Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Kitchen Restaurant in Sacramento

My sister and her husband

The twins

Cousin Q, spent the night with Lil Man

The birthday girl and my brother

The Kitchen!

As soon as we walked into the front doors this is what we saw. The Kitchen where the chef prepares the meals fresh and right in front of you. It is a unique and exciting experience and the food is just amazing. The chef and staff will cater to whatever the individual needs. The meal has six courses with a intermission of Sushi and Sashimi and right before dessert a white gloved tea service and fresh brewed coffee.
 The great experience about the Kitchen is it has one service a night so there is no pressure to hurry up and leave. It is truly a unique dinning experience!

Chef Noah Zonca

Taste, taste, taste

The birthday girl in the wine cellar

The sous chef preparing Act I

Act I:
Preparing and selection of ingredients presented by Chef

Fresh Lobster

Act II: Opening Dish
 Randall's French Onion Soup with Aged Swiss Gruyere

This dish was just fantastic. The onions were not over powering and it was a great opening dish.

Fresh Salmon

Fresh Brussel Sprouts

Act III: Second Plate
The Kitchen's Maine Lobster
Mac 'n Cheese

This was the best tasting Mac 'n Cheese I have ever eaten. The cheese wasn't over powerful and the Lobster was fantastic.

Preparing the Salmon

Cold Saki Bar with Intermission

Intermission: Sushi and Sashimi served outside by the fire pit.
I loved the crab cakes and I even adventured outside my comfort zone and tried the oysters.

The birthday girl with the special birthday belt!

Act IV: Third Plate
 Wild New Zealand Salmon with Truffled Hollandaise
Local Dungeness Crab. Tarragon and Buttered Brussels Sprouts.

The sauce was unbelievable. The Salmon tasted great and was seared.

Preparing the strip loin

Act V: Fourth Plate
Grilled Angus Beef Strip Loin with Bone Marrow, Toasts, Parsley, and Red Wine

Act VI: White Glove Tea service and fresh brewed Coffee

"Mr. Tea" prepared fresh tea.

Act VII: Dessert is Served
Navel Orange Tres Leches Cake with Ice Cream, Walnut Infused Maple Syrup and Sugared Cranberries

This was by far the best dessert I have eaten. The sugared Cranberries were fantastic the ice cream was refreshing and the cake was fabulous.

Our ride the rest of the evening. Happy Birthday Lianne!

The Kitchen shares their passion for food. It brings fresh ingredients in and only serves the best. This by far has been one of the best dinning experiences I have ever experienced. The food was excellent, the service splendid and the passion from the chefs could be felt and the attentive staff made me feel like I was the only guest in the restaurant that night.

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