Saturday, December 11, 2010

First Official Training Run

This morning was the first official run with the Fleet Feet Ultra Training Group. There were a few familiar faces and a lot of new group members. All in all there is roughly 32 group members plus our awesome coaches Captain Kirk , Coach Nikon and Wonder Woman!!!!

Photo by Trailmomma
Garmin, Molasses, Miss P., Boss and me Pigeon!

Today since most of us ran CIM last Sunday the group spilt up into two groups. One would run 6 miles and the other would go for 10. I ran in between and choose 8 miles. The first mile was nice and easy, I was running with Hawaii Mark and we caught each other up on what has been going on since the last time we saw each other.

 Once the first mile went by we picked up the pace a bit. I didn't want to go to hard as my quads were still a little tender and I was still recovering from CIM. By mile 3 I knew I was only going to go one more mile and turn around and make my way back. Hawaii Mark continued on and I turned around. I saw some of the group members and said Hi. It was a good thing I only went out 4 miles because my legs were a little tired on the return trip. Another thing that flared up was my chest wall. Today I carried my hand bottle and that aggrevated my chest wall just a bit. Note to self, do not carry hand bottle!

After the run we hung out and waited for the 10 mile group members to come in. I met some more of the runners in the training group and shared some of my experiences. After everyone was back in a few of us decided to head over to Coffee Republic in Folsom. There we shared our experiences and talked about what the training is going to look like over the next few weeks. We mainly listend to Coach Nikon who has a ton of experience including a Western States 100 finish. I am really excited about this group and I can't wait to continue to train.

Back at home Trail dog has been enjoying some quality time this week with me and he has been following me around the house. What ever room I am in he is there. What a good boy such a momma's boy. He has been enjoying afternoon walks with Lil Man around the block and playing fetch in the back yard and his speical new treat, a new bone!

What a good boy!!!!

This week we went to Wise buys and bought a chrsitmas tree and today Lil Man and his dad are decorating it.

Lil Man helping with the lights. Not a bad tree for 10 bucks!

It has been nice enjoying some quality time with the family because I know once we really get into the heart of the training program time at home will be short.

Tonight the family is getting together to celebrate my older sisters birthday. We are going to The Kitchen. I have never been but I hear it is delicious and very entertaining.

Happy Birthday to my sister Lianne and a special Birthday shout out to Trailmomma!!! I hope each of you enjoy your very special day!!!!

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  1. How was The Kitchen? I did an interview with the owner YEARS ago but have never eaten there.

    Thanks for the shout out. It was so much fun to see everyone. I wish you guys met at 7 or 7:30 on Saturdays so I could run a few miles with you all before I have to leave for work.

    Getting out in my own neighborhood lately . . . finding a few flatter sections! :)