Friday, December 17, 2010

What's to come in 2011

For 2010 being my first official running year I am very proud of the races and results I managed to achieve. It took a lot of hard training, dedication, stubbornness, heart and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Just like last year I will be training with Fleet Feet Ultra Training Group for Way to Cool 50k and American River 50 miler.

 What else is to come in 2011 you might ask?

I didn't get into Western States as the lottery selected 219 runners out of over 1500 that applied. I knew my chances were slim, but I am very excited for those who are running in States. 2011 is going to be about going for Pr's and also redemption in September.

I have already achieved my first PR in my second marathon a few weeks ago. I ran in CIM and PR by 24 minutes. Up next and my first time running in this event:

-Way to Cool 50K on March 12, 2011. This race is going to be off the hook with a brand new course. I am excited to see what I can achieve out there as long as I stay healthy. Followed by,
-American River 50 mile Endurance Run on April 9, 2011. I am aiming for under 10hrs. I am sure the training group is really going to push me so that my fitness is there.
-Tahoe Rim Trail 50k on July 16. This is a beautiful race with breathtaking views but also a very tough course. Love the challenge of it.
-Sierra Nevada Double- This race is for redemption on September 24, 2011. I dropped at mile 47 ish after battling some major injuries where most runners would not have even started I did and fought my way on the trail for 13.5 hours before dropping.

These are the 4 races I know that I will be running in. It is time to get serious about my training as I have been slacking recovering from CIM. The spark needs to get fired again.

 I have been exhausted from work and I think that is playing a good part my motivation department. But this morning I did force myself out the door at 6:00am for a 5 mile run in the cold, wind, and rain and did I mention it was dark and the neighborhood dogs like to bark and scare the crap out of me.

Here is too hard training, even more dedication, and more heart and a positive attitude and a healthy me in 2011. Enjoy the trails everyone and keep on running!!!!

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