Monday, December 27, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

It is amazing how quickly things can get crazy busy. I have not logged as many miles in the past 2 weeks as I normally do. In fact I think I ran only four times in four weeks. Wow, an all time low for me. Typically I am running no matter what, no matter how much pain I am in I run, but recently I have been too exhausted to run. My sleep cycle is all out of whack. I sleep for a few hours then I am up for a few hours then I sleep for a few more hours and soon enough it is time to go to work only I do not feel rested. So running has taken a back seat right now.

The Fleet Feet Ultra Training Group has been meeting on Wednesday evening for speed work, but I haven't been yet. One day soon enough. I have been making it out on the weekends for the scheduled long run, but after that run I am totally drained. This past Sunday was our 12 miler.

We started at Cavitt and headed out on the fire road. My love hate relationship with this road as Trailmomma would say was still there. This time though on the way out I was running with GPS Michelle. Our group was large but by the second rolling hill we were already spread out. GPS Michelle took the lead and I followed. I really wasn't in the mood to be leading I just wanted to follow. We hit the single track and there were four us just cruising along splashing through the puddles, stomping in the mud and trying to stay on our feet.

The weather was a bit cool with a few light sprinkles but it was absolutely gorgeous on the trail. It was peaceful and it was a place where I could quiet my mind and just be without all the hustle and bustle I have at work. Soon enough we hit the turn around spot and I took in a GU and headed back. I took the lead with Happy Chuck. But soon enough Happy Chuck was off and GPS Michelle was right behind me. She passed me on a climb and I found myself all alone. I was coming upon the fire road and I just embraced it and ran when I felt like it and walked now and then. The end was near and it would soon mean that I had to return to reality.

It was great to be able to let go for a few hours, it does the body good. I felt re-focused and re-centered and ready to tackle to what ever this week has in store for me.

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  1. Miss that darn Cavitt Road sometimes! :-) Maybe I'll drag myself out there in my 'free time' . . . ha when I find it.

    Rest up. Your body konows what it is doing. You will get back on the trail soon enough. You did the same thing last year . . . missed the early Wednesdays and ran on Saturdays. You did fine!