Friday, May 13, 2011

The Good News Is

It has been one long week. The good news is....just for you Trailmomma..... that it is finally my weekend!!!! Yeah!!! The bad news is well, maybe I wont go there.

The good news is I have a awesome run planned for tomorrow with Wonder Woman and Power Girl. In fact it was Power Girl who suggested we get together for a run and then not to long after that Wonder Woman sent me an email wanting to plan our next run. I love my running friends. How did they know?????

The plan is, tomorrow we are going to do my all time favorite run......It has everything I am looking for in a run.....monstrous bone jarring descents followed by killer ascents with more descents then.... will I think you get the picture...It is also filled with some of the best views. My favorite run of all time thanks to Coach Nikon is Cal loop or also called Drivers Flat up in Foresthill, part of the Western States 100.

I have run this a couple of times and each time it brings me back to my center. It is challenging and really makes me let go of everything..or I should say all the chaos in my life and focus on the here and now. I am very fortunate, because that is just what I need. A chance to let everything go.

I have been going full speed ahead since last Friday and it is draining putting in maybe 60+ hours at work. My body is taking a beating just ask Lily. I had a massage on Wednesday and my body was a wreck. She asked how many miles I had put in running because it felt like alot. The sad part was I only logged 10 miles on Saturday and then 6 on Wednesday after work. Not that many miles for my body to be hurting the way it did. But like always she worked on me and it allowed me to slow down once again, if it was for only a couple of hours. I actually feel asleep, and that is rare for me to do after a massage. I told myself I was going to close my eyes and the next thing I knew maybe 45 minutes had passed. Thank you Lily. I should probably book my next appointment!!!

The long week is finally over, I get to enjoy a great run tomorrow. In fact that run is what kept me focused and pulled me through this week. Something FUN to look forward to. I know that things well eventually settle down at work, and eventually I will get my running mojo back as a friend would say.

This week wasn't all bad....I did enjoy a very special day with Lil Man. I picked him up from pre-school and we enjoyed the great afternoon together. We walked to the park which is 1 mile there and I ended up giving him a piggy back ride the mile walk home. He was spent. We also played with Traildog and Ramsey. This special time with Lil Man is precious as I don't see him/nor my family as much as when I was working nights. In fact working nights I saw my family more then I do now.

The good news is though, my team is doing awesome, so awesome that we completed a 2045 piece trailer with 566 pieces from the back room, from unload to push to back stock in a little under 4 hours. That is super fast. Talk about adrenaline.

When the adrenaline wears off I am beat and completely exhausted physically and mentally. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, I just need to keep walking running until I see it.

It's a bird? It's a plane? No, it is Traildog!!!

Here I come to save the day!

As happy as can be

oops, Traildog miss judged that one

Pleeeaaassse through it again!

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