Sunday, September 15, 2013


The past few months since TRT100 or should I say TRT 67.5 I have not done much runner to be honest. In fact I do believe and this is hard for me to say I have been injured. I somehow injured my hip flexor muscle and it was really difficult some days to even walk. Every-time I would take a step forward, I would have shooting pain and weakness in my quad. So with a heavy heart I had to stop running. I did try to run a few times, but that was cut short about .5 into a run when I ended up having to hobble home and pretty much rest the rest of the day. It has not been fun. But I would like to think that this injury is behind me and I might be able to start running again.

Since I haven't been able to run, I have increased my focus on strength training. It may not sound like much but with the injury I had I knew I needed to increase my strength so that I would be able to come back strong. I didn't start this strength training until the beginning of this month, September so that gave my body a chance to really recover. I have incorporated, some basic squats, push ups and leg lifts. On day 1 of this new training, I kept the repetitions small so I could slowly transition my body and hopefully avoid any set backs. It was pretty comical to see me do a full a push up at the beginning, because to be honest I have no upper body strength. Now, I like to think that there is progress as the push ups are being completed easier and I am able to increase the reps. I can also feel my legs and core and getting stronger. Now the real challenge is to keep this up going forward and not to lose my motivation.

The other thing I have changed is my diet. Now when I was running a lot of miles each week I basically could eat what ever. Now don't get me wrong, I still choose to eat healthy when I was running a lot. Since I wasn't running, I knew my weight could and would easily get out of control if I continued eating like I was running, and I did not want that to happen. I have increased my vegetables and fruit and lean protein and decreased carbs, like bread and potatoes but I do eat the good carbs occasionally.

It was real challenge at the beginning, because I was always hungry I never had that full feeling. I think I finally figured it out and to be honest I really don't miss those carbs. I do have a "cheat" day every now and than, but I believe that that is healthy because in my opinion one can not totally deprive one's body. I feel great, I feel energized and I enjoy going to the farmer's market each Sunday and Wednesday and eating the fresh organic fruits and vegetables has been great. I don't even think twice to make some rice or potatoes.

I am really hoping that this injury has healed so that I can get back into running. I will continue with my strength training and add some more exercises as I feel my body is ready for that. Sometimes it is good to slow down, change up the routines and just enjoy being.

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