Sunday, February 1, 2015

One Step Forward is Another Step Closer to the Finish

Besides the new addition in our family I have been focused this week on running and getting back on track with training. I have a very supportive wife, who encourages me to sign up for races and also to go run. Not only does she encourage me to sign up for races but she reminds me that she will be there as well. With that this week I have been running.

Traildog Toby standing watch while JCM takes a nap

Monday- 6 miles, 4 with Traildog Toby and 2 with Remi, who by the way is 130 lbs. A big strong dog, so running with him is more of a cool down for me as Traildog is more of a tempo.

Tuesday- Hill Repeats times 6. Now that was fun. I always enjoy hill work outs because I feel stronger immediately following the work out.

Wednesday- Rest day, super tired from being up with the little guy JCM, so I took a nap, a 3 hour nap.

Thursday- Mile repeats, 1.5 warm up followed by mile repeats times 4, 1.5 cool down. This was fun.

Friday- 4 miles, recovery

Saturday- Long Run, 23 miles on the trails in Cool.

Before this 23 miler, my longest run was.......will I can't remember my longest run. I think it was 18. Like I said before this week my training had been inconsistent, I was dealing with going on LOA from work so handing off my workload was a bit stressful which had me doing long hours, then JCM was born and now that we have a few routines in place I can once again focus on my training.

Saturday's run was in Cool. It was the training run for the Way Too Cool 50k, it was the last half of the course which is beautiful and very runnable. I carpooled up there with some friends and we decided that it would be best if we started early, to avoid the large amount of people who will be at this event. We started bright and early just when there was enough light to see.

It was a bit chilly at the start but warmed up as the day grew. We hit the trails and just enjoyed the quiet and each others company. I didn't push the pace on the descent into the canyon, I kept my pace nice and comfortable and found myself in the back of our group of 5. We hit the quarry fire road and the pace quickened, but again, I just kept it nice and easy, power hiking the hills. Soon we hit the single track and I found myself in the middle. By this time I was warmed up and in a good space so I really enjoyed this section. We were keeping a nice and steady pace and were making some good time. My legs at this point felt good unlike last weekends run where I ran out of steam during the last 4 miles of our 14 mile run. The views along the trail were incredible and the trail was lush and green.

We hit third gate and I was still feeling rather strong. We transitioned into a very steady power hike and just put our heads down and kept on moving. My motto for the day, "One step forward brings you one step closer to the finish"

We hit the aid station at about mile 12.5 or so and I enjoyed the sweet bubbly carbonation of Coke and 2 squares of PB&J. This next section is my favorite as you can make up a bit of time as it is totally runnable and I always like to test myself. I quickly took the lead and increased our pace for a few miles. During this stretch all 5 of us put together a nice stretch of constant running. It felt good to open the legs a bit. We were also approaching Goat hill. Goat hill is about .7 of climbing, and this would be a nice little test for my legs. We arrived at goat hill in no time and started the climb. Trailmomma climbed it like she owned it and quickly put some distance on me. I guess all those stairs she climbs at work have been really helping her. (I wonder where I can find some stairs). She looked strong, so did everyone else in our group. I felt good going up and my legs were holding together as well. Soon we were at the top and were greeted by another aid station. Here I took in a gel and I knew we only had about 5ish miles to the finish.

During the descent I could feel my quads a bit, but everything was holding up just fine. We kept a nice steady clip going down and power hiked the hills. Soon I could hear the cars on 49 and knew were getting closer. We crossed 49, and had only 1.5 to go. Trailmomma took off up the climb. She had some unfinished business on this hill. Let me tell you she owned it. We all did as a matter fact. The home stretch was near. "One step forward is one step closer to the finish" I hit the parking lot and felt pretty good about this training run. We were consistent, my body and mind held up for 23 miles on the trails and overall it was a strong training run.

After we finished we hung out and I caught up with all my running friends. It was good to see everyone and I can't wait to do it again. This was a strong week of training for me, now I just need to be consistent and remain focused all the while balancing my home life and family time too.

Just chilling 

Story time with  my son, I read books each night to him

Oh please mom, not another picture

Precious little boy

JCM, is doing great, though I think he has his days and nights a bit confused. He is a super chill baby and I am enjoying spending as much time with him as I possible can.

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  1. Thanks! Feels good to feel like I am finally making progress.