Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Change and more Change

Things have been crazy this past month. It has gotten even crazier since AR50 which was a few weeks ago. Hopefully things will return back to normal and all well be right. Let me just start with the fact that work is busy. There have been some major changes that have taken place in the past month and my schedule has/is a little "special" as I like to call it.

First off my overnight process moved to an early morning process. But of course before I can make that happen I have to get a head count on my current team member situation on who will be able to make the transition and who wont. I am/have lost 20 seasoned team members because of this transition. Now most stores when this has happened has maybe lost only 5-10 team members and that is a much easier situation to overcome. But 20!!!! I knew I was going to lose team members and I knew the number was going to be high I don't think anyone else believed me when I said it.

I have been interviewing potential team members for two weeks straight 5 days a week about 4 hours a day. It is mentally draining let me tell you. I have been drained. But I did select a good amount of "newbies" that seem to have a lot of potential. The "newbies" were on boarded last week and they began learning the process.

This week was the first official week that we transitioned to the early morning process. For a few weeks we will be starting our unloads at 2am which means I have to be at work at 1:30am. That is really early, but the good news is I get off around 11:30am. On Monday the first official day I arrive and find that my trailer has not arrived. I call the DC and find out that even though I sent numerous e-mails and the DC confirmed my early morning transition, the DC in fact still had me as overnight. I had to send most of my team home that day.

Tuesday came and I knew my trailer was going to be there. The team did fantastic following direction and executing this new early morning process like I have never seen before. We completed the workload within 4.5 hours and I was able to get the back room clean and send my back room team home at 6:45am. That was pretty sweet. I was running around all morning with my leadership team. It was like a runners high with a immediate crash once everything was completed.

I am looking forward to this new process now that the first official truck unload has happened. I know there is still opportunities that I will need to fix in order to ensure a more efficient process when we do start at 3am instead of 2am. It has been a stressful month, more so probably because of all the unknowns that come with this transition.

I know I for one am struggling with my sleep schedule and then also my work schedule. I will be working every other weekend with one constant day off during the week which happens to be Thursday. This will make me readjust my training runs, to what I am not sure but I am sure I will figure it once things settle down. For right now though I am just enjoying any run I can get in with some great company on the trails.

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