Friday, April 29, 2011

A run with Traildog!

Yesterday I decided I would change things up on my morning run. I took Traildog with me. Now it has been awhile since he has run with me, but he was so excited running around the house once I was able to get his harness on him. He was a little perplexed when we went to the car, usually we just run around the neighborhood but again I changed things up and headed to the multi use trail on the American River.

The plan was to complete 7 miles. The day before I had charged my Garmin and as soon as I went to set it up it went beeeeeeppppppp and was dead. Really?!?!!??? I am beginning to dislike this Garmin. It is more frustrating than anything. It didn't last on my race last year at TRT, it barely mad it at CIM and now it will not hold a charge and it takes a lot of finagling to get it to charge. I don't know what to do with it, I almost threw it that is how frustrated I am with it. Never ever get the Garmin 405. I do not recommend it, it does not have a 8 hour battery life like it states. Enough about that. Back to the run.

Traildog was super excited when we arrived at the start point that he possibly went out to hard on this run because as we neared the first mile marker he was really dragging and had fallen in behind me and was just following my legs. I did stop and walked a bit so he could recover and then we would start back up again. We saw an abundance of wildlife out today. Plenty of deer, I could actually feel their power when they bonded off into the trees. We saw a ton of Turkey's on the trail, off to the side of the trail we even heard their gobble gobble as we approached. Off course Traildog was too tired to care so I was on my own.

I think the best part of this run even though we had to walk some was watching Traildog play in the river. He would tip toe in and then as he became more comfortable would just jump in and run up and down the bank. He played in the river at the turn around and then again before the mile climb back to the car.
One tired Traildog


Even though my run started off frustrating because of Garmin it was great to see Traildog enjoy himself so much. He was so tired that once we arrived home he was ready for a nap, but like true Traildog form was ready to play a few hours later.

"Can we play?"

"Look what I have!"

Traildog getting some air.

We even spent some time playing Lil man. He is growing up so fast. It amazes me how his "gears" are spinning constantly.

Riding around the block. I have to run to keep up with him it use to be I could walk and then have to wait for him. Not anymore.

He was heading over to grandma's house and packed his bag. He brought jelly beans for when he was hungry, his marbles, and Woody the pez dispenser. Interesting assortment of goodies.

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  1. We've discussed your 405 remember? I think you purchased my returned one by mistake. It had a defective battery or something because my 405 makes it through CIM and made it more than half of AR . . . still, I can hear your frustrations. Email Garmin they might take it back and fix it but it'll cost you unfortunately.

    Otherwise, the 310 is a nice model. :-) You could probably score a discount at certain store we both know. :-)

    Love the trail dog photos!