Friday, April 6, 2012

AR50 Pre Race Thoughts

The American River 50 Mile Endurance Run is tomorrow morning. I am really looking forward to this run, to test myself mentally and push the "pain barrier" to my limits and beyond. This is my third running of this event. I have put the time in on my feet, I have prepared for it as best as I could this year. I am at this moment feeling really calm and focused. It is going to be a great day on the trails tomorrow no matter what happens out there, good or bad. All I know is I am going to keep moving forward....always moving forward......

For any ultra race I have come to expect the unexpected that something possible could go wrong, that everything wont go according to the plan. But with that comes the mental toughness of redirecting and adapting and persevering to achieve the goal which ultimately is to finish.

I know in races in the past things have not always gone to plan, and during those trying times I found myself still moving forward no matter what. Because you know what happens when you keep moving forward? Well, for me, those tough times pass and I find that it was only a moment and that things well get better as long as I am able to accept that fact and learn from it and course correct.

Running ultras for me is a way to test my mental endurance or toughness, to learn to push my body to it's limits and beyond. Yes, people call me crazy and always ask why? The answer is simple, because I end up learning so much about myself. I learn that no matter how tough or bad life is there is a light at the end of that dark tunnel. I learned that what I thought were my limits, actually were not. I am a fighter and by continuing to test myself I push myself to achieve what I thought wasn't possible. By doing this it opens my eyes and I see that I am strong, it brings more confidence and I see what truly is most important. My family and friends and myself.

So tomorrow when I am running I will push myself to see what more I can give, I will dig deep, deeper than I have dug before, I will keep moving forward no matter what the pace. I will achieve my goal and I will do so with a smile on my face. Be strong, push it and stay focused is what I well tell myself when the going gets tough. When that happens I will push even harder. Here is to seeing my friends on the course and of course at the finish line. Remember be strong and push it!

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  1. Have a great race!!! "push it". We are so proud of you!