Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back at It

This week I am back at it, hill repeat Monday was in full effect. Now I am not saying I didn't do anything last week because I did. I actually needed a down week. My recovery from the She Rocks The Trail 50K was actually taking some time both physically and mentally. My body was slow in getting back to "normal" or back to running form. It was probably a good thing that I didn't push it last week to hard. Mentally I was just completely spent. I had no motivation what's so ever, that was mostly due to the fact that I felt like crap and I felt really blotted. I did manage to do hill repeats last week on Thursday and that actually felt really good, and when I went to put on my belt I actually dropped another belt notch (blotted probably due to the salt I took I am guessing). That was the sign I needed that all was right once again.

With everything being right again, I came home today and changed and headed out the door for some hill repeats. I didn't head up the hill to El Dorado like I usually do, but instead did a nice 2 mile warm up towards Beals and hit the hill where this all started a few months ago.

One my first repeat, I noticed that my quads were a bit sore and I was achy. But that was just do to not running much last week, that or the bad shoes I wore to work today. I did 5 hill repeats and all were very evenly spilt going up with a good effort. I actually have missed my hill repeat Monday, I didn't do them the week before the race, nor the week of so that was 2 weeks without hills. Hill repeats can be difficult, but I enjoy seeing how much stronger I have become each week because of it. In fact my clothes are fitting a bit differently now. A bit smaller in the waist.

Another thing that sparked my motivation again was being apart of Anthony's crew while he ran Western States 100 on Saturday. It was a incredible journey for all who toed the line. Anthony looked strong all day, he was mentally focused each time we saw him. He was very consistent all day. It was incredible to see him run as strong as he did. He finished in 21:38:22. A smoking time!

Ant's Crew

Anthony focused coming up Bath Road on his way Foresthill

Kuni "the Beast", Anthony and Eric both of his pacers.

It was a great experience to see him run. His focus and determination were on point all day long. Thank you Anthony for allowing me to be apart of this journey with you! 

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