Sunday, June 3, 2012


After my long run on Thursday I have been fatigued mentally and physically. I am so looking forward to a down week next week. I know I need one because one I have been building and building every since my last race in April; AR50. Two, because I have been feeling uninspired to write anything nor did I have the energy to try and write something. Three, it is time. It is always important to incorporate a down week into one's training program. My down week happens to be a taper week as I have a race in two weeks. She Rocks The Trail 50k.

I will running this race to see where my fitness is for my next target race in July; The Tahoe Rim 50 miler. I would like to think that I am fitter than when I ran Way Too Cool 50k and American River 50 miler this year. I have been very disciplined with my training program and I was able to keep my weekly mileage around 60 when I am off on the weekend and around 45-50 when I work weekends. So pretty much I have been focused on my training and work and eating properly and hydrating.

Like I said I have changed my diet, and no that does not mean I don't enjoy a cookie or a nice cold beer every now and than. I have incorporated more fruits and protein. I mean if I am eating a granola bar I might as well eat one with more protein seeing how I have been destroying my legs with my crazy running schedule. Go up that hill and back down, up and down.

I have also decided that at dinner I will limit the amount of carbs I eat or cut them out completely. I don't really need that piece of bread or a roll or rice so I don't. Basically I eat carbs for breakfast and lunch. I know I can't cut them out completely because I know that my body needs them. I eat protein and vegetables, again destroying my body with the hills.

In the morning I enjoy waffles or a bagel with a nice portion of blueberries and raspberries and blackberries. Really good! And I am bringing a nice size lunch to work. That consist of 3 bottles of water, a sandwich usually turkey, apple slices (convenient for the on go job I have) cheez-its (my favorite) granola bar (with protein), and a banana!

I also drink at least 2 cups of water when I wake up and throughout the day I am constantly drinking water. I don't drink soda; I can't remember the last time I had a soda (when I wasn't in a race) and I don't drink juice (too much sugar) Seems to be working for me as I feel like I have more energy.

So with all those changes I have big plans for both my upcoming races. I have been training hard, I have been focused, I have been dedicated and now to enjoy the down week next week and recovery both mentally and physically. I need to be mentally fresh so that I can execute my plan and physically fresh so that I don't feel so run down.

Focus+Determination+believing+discipline will= success!

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