Sunday, November 4, 2012

Giving Back

This past weekend was filled with Volunteer activities in the Pigeon household. On Saturday Rachel and I volunteered at Anthony's race; That Damn Run. It was a half marathon and 10k run. We of course headed up to Cool early, so early the sun wasn't shining, it was still dark and cold and it was only going to get colder as the sun came up.

We helped with the Start/Finish set up, than we hit the course and helped deliver water to Aid station #1, aid station #2 and also helped place directional signs for the runners. After that we hung around the start/finish saying hi to my friends. Than it was time to head to aid station #1.

During the set up phase Anthony received a phone call that his friend who was the aid station captain for aid #1 couldn't make it. He didn't stress about it, but I was promoted on the spot to Aid Station Captain. Awesome, huge responsibility, I had to make sure we as a aid station team managed to get the half marathoners on their way and also make sure the 10k runners made their way along the 10k course as each race was going a separate directions.

Anthony introduced myself and Rachel to the rest of the volunteers, in total we had 5 working aid 1. We all loaded into my Honda CRV and off we went with me honking the horn and waving at everyone I knew. Almost like I was in a parade. We arrived at aid #1 and immediately began the set up process. Water on one table Gatorade on another, improvised trash can for the runners and we were set. At first when he runners started coming through it was a few here and a few there, but than the big waves hit and we were busy. Well, not really as most runners just blew by our aid station, but that is OK. If the runners didn't need water or Gatorade we gave them energy with the our screams and cheers. As the final runners came through we quickly packed up and headed back to the start/finish.

I would say that aid station #1 was a huge success. We kept every runner on the right trail and it appeared that everyone was having a great time. After we finished we hung around the start and finish and talked with my friends and just enjoyed seeing everyone come through the finish with a smile on their face.

On Sunday we headed out once again at 0 dark thirty. But this time we headed to Folsom which is about 15 minutes away to help aid station #1 for the Four Bridges Half Marathon. This race is a good tune up race for those training for CIM in December. It was cold this morning but that didn't stop us from taking the motorbike. I just dressed really warm.

The set up didn't take very long, as there was a ton of volunteers at this aid station. We were a bit competitive and table #1 rocked the handing out the water thing. I think it had something to do with my sales tactic; "Free Water, Free Water!" is what I was shouting. Some of the runners chuckled and others just looked at me like I was crazy. But it doesn't matter as we were there to help them in any way we could.

Overall it was a very busy weekend giving back to the running community. It was a lot of fun volunteering with Rachel and this was another opportunity for her to see a different side of me. What's up next for me you might be wondering? Well, getting back into consistently training. Getting my body ready for next season which is quickly approaching. By next month I will have a updated list of which races I plan on racing, but be ready as there will be a 100 miler on that calendar. Until next time!

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