Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plans and more Plans

It is that time again. Taper time. Which means for me to listen to my body. AR50 is April 9. I am actually looking forward to this taper as I am drained mentally and physically. There are a lot of changes taking place at work and it exhausting me mentally which means I have a even harder time sleeping so my body is not getting the rest it needs to help in recovery.

Right now I run the overnight Logistics process, well next month the week of Easter my team and I will be transitioning to an Early morning Logistics process. What does that mean you might be asking??? It means instead of reporting to work at 9pm I will now be reporting to work at 3:30am and working until about 1:30 pm. I also will be moving to a every other weekend schedule with one solid day off during the week instead of what I have now which is I work 4 nights and off 3. So big changes, but the biggest is dealing with losing 18 team members because they will not be able to transition with us. That is a big number.

So this week and next I need to on board about 30 new team members. I have to increase the size of the team because we have half the time to get the push completed. Push needs to be done by store opening at 8am. A lot of changes taken place and well, I don't adapt to change very well. But this time I have a plan. I Hope. I think the hardest part about all of this is I am taking a week off after AR50 and the week we transition to a early morning process I will be there for only 2 days as I have another vacation planned.

It is stressful, but I would like to think I am handling it pretty well. That is one reason I am looking forward to this taper so that I can recharge mentally and physically.

As with any taper the self doubts slowly make there way into my head, but this time I also have a plan for that. I know, all about plans this time around. I am staying focused and positive, I have already written my goals down for race day and have a back up plan for if things go south. I keep telling myself that the training miles are there the time is there and I am ready. I am ready for this race. The one thing that is different this year then last is my family wont be there, but I will have the support of my running family!

I have been seeing Lily from massage by Lily so that she can work on keeping getting my body ready for race day. It never amazes me how she finds every single area that is tender, areas I didn't even know about. After seeing her I feel so much better. I can actually sleep because my back isn't tight, my hamstrings feel so much better, and my ribs feel well.....they are getting better. In the morning I can actually move instead of being so stiff I can hardly walk.

The focus: Stay Positive!!!! Race Goals, and plans for "if" something happens. Positive thoughts and listening to my body.

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  1. Boss (I like switching from my name to my nickname)March 30, 2011 at 5:09 PM

    I would just like to say how impressed I am that you are able to handle what sounds to me like a very stressful job, along with an ever-changing schedule, and you are able to fit in training for ultras. Honestly, I don't quite know how you do it all AND you always seem to have a great attitude. I hope your supervisors at work read your blog because when I read your posts and you comment about work, I can tell you are responsible, committed to your job, and the people you supervise. They are lucky to have you. I've been meaning to tell you that for a while. And you'll do very well at AR50. I'm certain of it. See you Saturday.