Saturday, March 5, 2011

Taper Week

This past week has been a taper week for me. Which means low mileage and a chance for not just my body to heal but also my mind. Running I have come to realize is a major part mental. It is the mental fatigue that can change a run. Mental fatigue that can slow me down when in reality I am not tired. So this week I have been resting both my body and mind in hopes of recharging for next weeks Way Too Cool 50k.

It is also a time for me to reflect on my past training and where I have come and where I plan to go and want to be. The miles are there, there is nothing more I can do. Not one more speed workout or one more long run will or can make me stronger. My training has been complete and now is the time to recover and focus on rest and race day preparation.

I have come a long ways in the past 13 weeks since starting this training program. I have grown both inside and out. I have made new ultra trail friends and I have found out so much more about myself, especially the mental toughness. I have had a emotional ride these past weeks with some fantastic training runs followed by some not so fantastic training runs. All I can do is except these for what they are and learn from them. I know that not every run is going to be fantastic but I can learn from each of my runs.

For instance I have learned that a positive thought can go a long ways on a long run just as a negative thought can bring disaster. I learned that I am a stronger runner for listening to my body instead of just putting the miles on because the training program says too. I have become a stronger and faster runner during this training program and that is because of our awesome coaches Captain Kirk and Coach Nikon and  Wonder Woman and the fantastic training program written by Julie Fingar.

It has been a tough 13 weeks trying to get all my running in all the while trying to find time to sleep. My training has had to change but I managed the best I could. I have had a recent injury flare back up which I am hoping wont affect me too much during the race. All in all I am looking forward to this first race for 2011 and what I can accomplish this year.

Awesome Training Group
Thanks for an awesome ride!


  1. You are so going to rock this race! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. I just wanted to wish you goodluck this weekend!!! I hope you have a fantastic pain free race and I look forward to hearing about it on Sunday! I told Anthony, if it is raining I most likely will not be coming out as I have the Peanut with me. Although, there is a small chance I can't make it regardless . . . because of Sunday's festivities!!! :)

    You'll do awesome. I have no doubts. Just keep those negative thoughts away!

  3. Loved this post! Cheers to a great run on Saturday, hope to see you on the trail!! - Michaela