Friday, March 18, 2011

Special Day

Yesterday I had my post race massage by Lily. Overall my body was feeling pretty good, legs were alive for my 7 mile run on Wednesday. But knowing Lily she would find the areas that would need some attention. She seems to always find the areas even if I am not aware of them. A knot here or there, a tight calf, a tender back and a super tender chest where it took my breath away.

But before the massage I had a few things planned for the day. First off it was beer thirty after work. I enjoyed a few beers after a long short week at work. By the end of April my overnight process will be transitioning to a early morning process. I have already been speaking about it with my team and so far I have 10 confirmed team members that will not be able to make the transition. That means I need to hire at least 15 brand new team members. I also will be heading out to another store next week to see how an early morning store functions and one that also has P-Fresh. Lots to do and not alot of time to do it.

By the time I got home it was 9ish in the morning and I was picking up Lil Man for a special Meme day. He asked last week if I could pick him up and I couldn't say no. I knew that since I had been up for so long already I was worried about going to sleep and not hearing my alarm and thus missing the pick up time of 12:30. So I stayed up, I think by the time I made it to bed that evening I had been up for 31 hours.

At 12:30 I headed over to pick up Lil Man. They were just getting lunch and Lil Man waved at me and asked if he could stay for lunch. They were having fish sticks, must be his new favorite. After lunch we headed to Target, he loves to play with the toys and he even got a new golf set. He has been talking about golfing now for a few weeks. Then we brought a special treat to Captain Kirk. Lil Man picked out some m&m's with pretzels. Too bad we had just missed Captain Kirk, but the store enjoyed them. I think they saved a few for Captain Kirk.

After that we went home and set up the new golf set. He enjoyed it. We had a good time together. I always love those special days when it is just me and Lil Man. He was so attached to me that he asked his mom if Friday could be special meme day too. Probably a good thing it wasn't as I have a head cold that has knocked me flat on my back. This cold came from nowhere and is probably my bodies way of telling me to rest as I haven't been getting enough sleep recently.

It was a great Thursday, but a long one. Lil Man had fun and I had fun. All in all it was a great day followed by a great massage by Lily. I hope I get some rest tonight as tomorrow we have a planned 18 miler. AR50 is just around the corner.

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