Thursday, February 2, 2012

Exciting News!

On January 20, 2012 my baby niece was welcomed to his world. Only she was 5 weeks early and tiny weighing in at 5lbs 5ozs. She is the most precious little girl in the world. She is still in the NICU, but has graduated to a crib as she is able to hold he her own body temperature.

Baby Kaylee

When she first arrived she had a feeding tube as she was not eating as much as the doctors wanted and her weight yo yo ed back and forth. But now she is feeding on demand and the family is only waiting for the OK from the doctor that she can come home. They are thinking sometime this weekend.

Precious baby girl

But let me tell you about the twin intuition. On Wednesday of that week, I was in a lot of pain. I shouldn't have been in this much pain and my team at work even asked me if I was feeling OK. There was no reason for this pain and I just passed it off. I was sore I was stiff I was cramping, it was very uncomfortable. I just chalked it up to over doing it at work and with my training. Later I learned that my sister was having some minor issues. Thursday was just another day for me, but Friday wasn't.

Her Feet Look Big

I went out for my run that morning and came home and cleaned up and I was sitting on the couch when I had this incredible feeling that was just overwhelming. The feeling wouldn't go away. I got up put my jacket on and just drove over to my sisters house. Now typically I will call or text before just showing up on the door. Not this time, the feeling was so strong that I just needed to get over there.

But not Really, look how tiny those feet are

My sister answered the door and was surprised to see me. I said that I just wanted to stop by and she told me she was having some minor complications and has a doctors appointment. She had been having some leakage and some pain in the lower abdomen. She was thinking that maybe it was a bladder infection. I offered to watch Lil Man but they had already made plans to bring him over to grandma house as they didn't know what my schedule looked like. (I was off that day and all weekend) I didn't tell my sister until a few days later as to why I just stopped by.

Daddy's Little Girl

Around 6 that evening I was out with Anthony and I received a call from my other sister and she told me Kristina's water had broke. Wow! Sounds like the baby is coming. Exciting but scary at the same time as the baby is really early. Around 7 I received the text that my little niece had arrived. My sister was in labor for only 3 hours. Talk about a quick delivery and a totally different delivery than what she experienced with Lil Man.

Brent feeding his baby girl!

So my intuition was right. I will never second guess that feeling again.

All last week I was watching Lil Man and he even had a sleep over at my house. I picked him up from pre school each day and stayed with him until his dad came home from the hospital. I enjoyed all the time I spent with Lil Man and I was glad that I could help my family out when they needed it. My sister is doing really well and really wants to bring the little one home.

Welcome to this world baby Kaylee. I can't wait to spoil you like crazy!


  1. Congratulations to you and your family. What a beautiful little girl.

  2. Super cute! Be sure to spoil the heck out of her. It's your job as the auntie!