Monday, January 23, 2012

A quick 14

This weekend has been very full for me which is rare for me. It has been all about the family and if I had time squeezing a run in, which I did manage early Saturday morning. Saturday I was ready to run by 0 dark 30. It was 7 am when I started and I was on a time frame. I had only a few hours to get my run in as I was needed elsewhere.

Off I went starting from Cavitt. I was a Trail Pigeon on a mission. My goal I was aiming for was 14 miles. I knew I could get that kind of mileage in in about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I really needed at least an 18 miler, but I just didn't have the time and I couldn't risk not getting back in on time. Plus I had just run 14 miles from Auburn to Cool and back on Thursday and I didn't know how my legs were going to feel.

My legs during this run were feeling great. I wasn't tight and my feet were light on the trail. It felt awesome to be running the pace I was running. I was pushing it on the way out. I knew I could hit my turn around in about 1 hour and 10 minutes, but I would have to move. I was running the hills, I was bouncing off the rocks, I was having fun and running with a smile on my face. I was focused on my task and kept moving. I was feeling so good at the turnaround that I really wanted to go for more mileage, but I knew better.

At the turnaround I took in a GU and 2 salts as the day was warming up and it was getting pretty humid out. I was off, heading back to my car and I was still running most of the ups and really pushing it on the flats. The return was awesome because I ran into a few running groups and that really energized me. I was given one group high fives as they ran past.

I also ran into the Fleet Feel Ultra Training Group, who were out running a training run. I think they logged 18-19 miles that day. It was great to see them because I stopped and talked to a few of my friends I hadn't seen in awhile and I am sure you could hear me calling out "HEY!!!! HEY!!!!" as a big train of them ran past. They were looking good and I was feeling really good. My legs felt awesome, my fueling on this run seemed to be spot on and I was still having fun even though I had just run through the grinder. In fact it wasn't so much of a grind this day as just a small obstacle to overcome.

As I pushed myself on the fire road all I could think about was how fast I ran that fire road during the Sierra Nevada 50 Miler Endurance run. Looking back on that day I always tell myself anything is possible if I just believe. I believe that the mind is a powerful tool.

I arrived back at the car in total time 2:20. Not bad for a quick 14 on the muddy trails. It was a great run, one that I hope to repeat in the future. I was focused, my mind was clear, my legs were responding and I was pushing myself. I can't wait to hit the trails again!

I believe do you?

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