Friday, January 6, 2012

Double Down Wednesday

This post is a bit late, but I have been super busy the past few days. But double down Wednesday did happen. In the morning Traildog and I ran with a friend. We ran on the AR course and hit the bluffs and trails along the other side of the lake that I usually run along each day. Traildog was excited to be out and running. He loves his daily run, in fact he loves it so much I decided to switch him back to puppy chow to get some more calories in him. He eats at least 3 times if not 4 times a day and he still looking good.

Traildog took off like a bat out of hell. He was on a mission and that mission was to run as fast as I could keep up and not slow down. I have tried to have a conversation with him about pace and to not go out to hard. But he didn't listen. I can't really slow him down. He is a Traildog on the mission.

On this morning run we were on the trails and about 10 feet in front of me a animal ran across the trail. Traildog didn't slow down, or even look in the direction it went. I yelled back to my friend if she saw that animal that just ran across the trial and she said no. I stopped in my tracks and started a slow walk keeping my eyes to the right where the animal went. I wasn't sure what it was and than I saw it. It was nice big coyote. The coyote was eyeballing us as we walked by. Traildog did nothing, didn't even acknowledge his presence. Traildog just wanted to get back to running and that is what we did after I pointed the coyote out to my friend.

We kept on cruising along and the day warmed up. We hit the turn around and started back. I noticed that Traildog was slowing down a bit. He would also cut in front of  me and slow down which in turn caused me to slow down. Then I noticed that my walk was faster than his run. He was trying with all his might to keep going, because he really wanted to. I stopped and let him rest. After the brief stop he took off again and I did what I could to keep up. Then the entire cycle started over again. He would run in front of me and slow down. Eventually I found both of us walking as I didn't want to run him into the ground.

He has been putting in a lot of miles and I try to regulate his rest days and how many miles he does. We eventually made it back to the car. Once back at the car he was wagging his tail and was happy as could be. I think if I had let him he would have gone back out again. What a trooper and a good little runner he is. We ended up doing 9.5 miles that morning.

Traildog resting after his run in the sun!

Once home he immediately went to sleep after I feed him his puppy chow. Now usually he will rest next to me in the same room either on his bed or on the couch next to me. But not this time, he went straight to the bedroom and was out for the rest of the day. I let him sleep as he needed it.

This is where he spent the rest of the day.

The second run on the day I was meeting Coach Nikon at Karen's Bakery in Folsom. I just ran from my house and met him. We headed over the bridge and hit the parkway. We ended up doing roughly 5 miles. I always enjoy these runs because it gives us both a chance to catch up on each other trainings and how things are going not running related.

My legs still felt pretty good, but I also noticed how tight my body was. I couldn't even remember the last time I had gotten a massage. It had been that long. Overall I was please with my mileage thus far for the day as I had just gotten in 7.5 miles that evening and in three days had logged 26 miles. Not bad. I did leave Traildog at home as he was still resting.

Next Wednesday I probably wont be able to meet up with Coach Nikon as I am watching my nephew Lil Man and might just run around my old route to get my miles in.

It was a great Double Down Wednesday logging a total of 17 miles.

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