Sunday, January 15, 2012

Double Down Wednesday

This week I wasn't sure if I would be able to complete my double down Wednesday with coach Nikon. Originally I had planned on watching Lil Man while my sister ran some errands. But come to find out those errands had been postponed until Thursday which meant double down was on again.

When I left work on Wednesday I bumped into Coach Nikon and we talked for a bit when out of nowhere I yelled out with enthusiasm "I can run with you tonight!" I was a bit excited as training by myself sometimes can be hard and I miss the company of my trail running friends. We made arrangements to meet at Cavitt as soon as he was off work for our run.

When I came home I immediately got Traildog ready and myself and out the door we went for 6. This was suppose to be a recovery run as my legs were really heavy and filled with lead. They were achy, but I was gambling that my legs would loosen up and all would be well. Traildog allowed me to dictate the pace this time as he was just happy being out and running.

We ended up doing 6 miles of recovery run and that is just what I needed. Once home I immediately ate something as I was pretty sure that I was running on fumes and than put my legs up as they were aching and everything was pretty tight.

When the time neared for Coach Nikon to text me that he was on his way I pulled out the foam roller and rolled to help loosen my legs up. My hamstrings and calves have been super tight and I was hoping that this would help my run for the second time this day.

Coach Nikon texted me and off I went to meet him at Cavitt. I left Traildog at home to rest. At Cavitt Captain Kirk and Wonder Woman were there and the four of us enjoyed a great run. My legs were feeling awesome and I was able to keep up with the those three. We enjoyed around 5.6 miles of fun. Catching each other up with our daily lives and how training is going.

It was really good for me to be running with my friends and I really enjoyed the company. All in all double down Wednesday was a big success as one I was able to run with my friends and two I got some nice miles in for the day. Roughly 12 miles for the day with the first 6 being a struggle and the last 5.6 feeling like I was running on air.

It always amazes me how much different running is when I run with friends. Thanks for the great run Coach Nikon, Captain Kirk and Wonder Woman. I really miss running with you guys. Until next time, keep on running!

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  1. Sounds fun! I miss running with you guys! You sound like you are getting the miles in nicely!