Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lil Man Comes Over

It has started to slow down a bit at work, but not much. In my position it never slows down. Freight is always coming and payroll is always getting tighter. Of course this week I did screw up, I totally miss read a trailer schedule and ended up with two trailers on my dock door. But someone was looking out for me as we managed to get a cancel and that allowed me to catch back up. Now I have never made that mistake before and I am a bit embarrassed that it happened, but I am human and stuff happens. Now the real lesson in all of this is....well it happen again? No, it better not.

With that near miss I have been looking forward to actually having two days off in a row. Now, that may not seem like much but when I go to work at 1:30am and get up at midnight one day off just doesn't seem to cut it as I don't adjust my schedule. So having two days off is going to be a slice of pumpkin pie. But get this, not only do I have two days off in a row I actually have four days off in a row. WOW!!! What to do? What to do? Now that is the question and I have the answer. I will be running of course!

But before all of that happens yesterday was a very special day. Lil Man came over to my new place and stayed the afternoon with me. He was super excited. I have been telling him he should bring some of his toys over and put them in the "playroom" so that he has some things of his when he comes and visit. Now, when he walked up I wasn't expecting to some the toys he brought over. He had the biggest smile on his face when he walked up. He brought over his new loopy loop with a zip line *say that three time fast* his fire truck, dump truck, some castle thing, his lady but tent (really??? his tent?) and a shoe box of assortment toys, plus a bat and ball. I am sure there are other things he brought. It is almost like he was moving in. My sister told me that she actually had to stop him as he kept wanting to bring more toys. I am sure he would have brought them all if he could.

The new race track!

Not only did he bring over some of his toys, but being best auntie in the entire world I picked up a new toy for all both my nephews to play with. I picked up the cars race track and surprised him by having it put together when he arrived. When he opened the door I could hear him fill with room with laughter and delight. He was super excited and really wanted to play with it. I am sure this new race track will get some great use from all the little ones and adults alike. I also picked up his own set of plates and cups and he like them.

Snack Time!

During our special day together I had all sorts of surprises line up for him. When he wanted his snack of cheese its I told him there was another surprise in the fridge. He opened it up and what did he find, but chocolate milk and I even had marshmallows to with it. After snack time and some play time on the new race track it was off to Old Folsom for get some candy from the Snook's Candy Factory. He loved this trip. We even saw the train (RT Transit) go by on the way.

Oh yeah! Candy

Time to enjoy

Yum! Yes, he didn't get any chocolate

He picked out his own candy and payed for it and then enjoyed it. He was nice to offer me some. After his treat we walked down Sutter Street and made our way into the Karma Cafe where he ordered his own hot Chocolate and I enjoyed a very tasty Americano. In fact it was the best cup of coffee I have had. While we enjoyed our drinks we played some Chess. It was Lil Man's first time and I haven't played in a very long time. He beat me, but I don't think he was playing by the rules.

Time for some chess

When it was time to head home he walked up to the counter and told the worker this "I am sorry, I couldn't finish my hot chocolate. Can I have a to go cup with a lid please?" I thought that was the most adorable thing. He really is growing up.

That is one way to drink it!

Once back home we relaxed on the couch and we played with the race track and enjoyed some cartoons. I would say we both had a fantastic time and I can't wait to do it again. Ohh and Lil Man even told me this, "Meme, you are on the good list!" How great is that. Now to enjoy my days off and hit up some great trails!

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  1. How many treats does one little guy need? He had a blast and asked to go to your place again the next day.