Thursday, January 19, 2012

To Cool and Back with Traildog!

Double down Wednesday yesterday did not happen. When I came home from work and put on my running shoes and headed out the door with Traildog my legs were just not responding. They were tight, achy, I had no power. I actually ended up cutting my run short and only did 5 miles.

My body was telling me to rest. When I made it back home I immediately spent some time with my foam roller and I spent a bit of time stretching my legs out. After that I put my legs up and relaxed. It has been a long week for me and I really needed my days off to come. Which they did I am off until Monday morning which also means I can get some killer runs in on some sweet trails! How awesome is that.

Today when I woke up I immediately noticed my legs were feeling better. They weren't 100% but were feeling pretty good and I wanted to hit some trails I haven't been on in a few months. I actually can't believe how long it has been since the last time I have run from Auburn to Cool and back. That is one of my favorite runs as it has everything I need to test myself. It has some awesome descent, some gnarly climbs and of course some great views.

I decided to also bring along with me Traildog. This would be his first run on this trail. he was super excited. We hit the trail head and it was a bit chilly out. I was only hoping to get my run in before the rain came. I wasn't on any sort of time limit nor was I going to push my legs to hard. I just wanted to enjoy this trail and my me time. I really needed this run.

Traildog did outstanding and he even was allowed to run off leash for a bit. He loves when I unclip him and takes off and than turns around and waits sometimes he will run back to me and jump up to me, trying to give me a kiss. We were cruising along and making our way to no hands. My legs were feeling pretty good, but I did notice they were also feeling a bit achy and tight. I took in some salt to hopefully help and the salt worked. I also took in a GU before starting the 3 mile climb up to Cool.

The trails winds itself along the road and at times I can see the road. During this stretch is when the darkness came over me and the negative thoughts for some random reason started to creep into my head. I had the toughest time pushing them out and trying to stay positive and on course. I really just wanted to turn around. My legs were more fatigued than I had originally thought. But I didn't let those thoughts get to me, I kept moving and I took in another GU to help.

We arrived at the Cool fire station and we both enjoyed a snack. Well, Traildog did that is. I gave him some puppy chow and some water and I used the bathroom and than packed everything up and started back to Auburn.

At this point I was feeling confident, relaxed and ready to rock this 3 mile descent. I took Traildog off his leash as I didn't want to get tangled up and off we went and he bolted down the trail like a dog on a mission. I kept my pace nice and relaxed and just focused on not trying to blow my quads up. Traildog was so focused on his own run that he took off on a side game trail and started bonding up the mountain. I called his name, he wouldn't come, I called again. Still nothing, than I whistled his tune and down he came like a very happy puppy coming to his owner. Only I wasn't very happy. Well I was at the fact that he finally came back down.

We continued down the trail, but this time Traildog had to stay behind me. He had lost his roaming privileges. I still kept him off leash but instructed him that he needed to keep behind me. He did just that for the remainder of the descent which I was very proud of him. He didn't once trip me up and he kept a nice and steady pace with mine.

At no hands I knew it was going to be interesting on the climb back up to the overlook. My legs once again were feeling funky and the effects of the downhill running plus having been working the last 6 days sure was taking a toll on them. I ran when I could and power hiked when needed. I was out here to enjoy myself and to get some trail miles in. I didn't need to go and push myself and end up injuring myself.

The run today was just what I needed. Even if it wasn't my best or fastest run it was just what I needed. It helped get the cob webs out. Today's run allowed me to focus on my body and to listen to my body. 14 miles is 14 miles. I enjoyed myself on the trail, I did a lot of thinking which is sometimes strange for me and I spent some great time with Traildog who by the way right now is resting comfortable on the couch as I type this not moving an inch.

Every run isn't going to be perfect and I am OK with that. Some runs well really be a struggle and it is those

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings and neither can the resting Traildog! I am happy that I found the motivation to hit the trails this morning. I am happy that Traildog came along and I am happy that I am able to run.

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