Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Unexpected Day With Lil Man

On Thursday my brother in law called me and asked me if I could watch a sick Lil man. Now, I had only been up for maybe 15 minutes. I had had enough time to make coffee, use the bathroom, let Traildog out, and sit on the couch and check my email when the phone rang. It was maybe 6:30 in the morning.

I of course said yes, I could watch Lil Man. I mean I am the best auntie as I am on the nice list as Lil Man puts it. I enjoyed my coffee, took a really quick shower and packed up my gear as I was planning on running once mom came home and I also packed up Traildog. I didn't think it would be right to leave him at home when he could enjoy his time at his old house.

Off to Lil Man's I go. Once I arrived I was told that he was thrilled to hear that I was going to be watching him. Right away I knew what was going to happen that day. Lil Man was going to take it easy and try and rest up while I was going to vacuum the house and the couches. While I was getting ready to clean Lil Man began to clean up his room. Let me tell you it was a disaster. Once his room was clean he helped me with the couches. He really is a good helper.

Is this right Meme?

I think it is clean!

Lil Man enjoyed some T.V. while I mopped and moved all the couches so I could get under them. Than it was time for him to get dressed and we actually headed out back to play for a bit. We played basketball, he showed me how he could drive his jeep without hitting anything. It was pretty cool to watch he would go forward than go back wards avoiding any obstacle in his path.

Showing me his mad driving skills

Trying to dunk it

After playing out back we decided to take Traildog for a walk around the block. I talked Lil Man into riding his buzz light year big boy bike. He was really timed on the first trip around and wanted to get off to walk his bike down the really big hill little hill that I could barely notice. On the second trip though he was zooming and stayed on his bike going down the hill.

Heading out for our walk, fighting for the lead.

It was a pretty active day now that I am thinking about it. But his cough was under control and his nose wasn't running all over the place. And he wanted to be active. Once home we put up his tent and he and traildog played it in than Lil Man had this bright idea to RUN traildog around the house. It worked until Traildog would see me and put the brakes on and when that happened you could see Lil Man stop in tracks.

It was a great day, I am glad I was able to help out my family as that is what family is for. I can't wait for Wednesday as I will again be watching Lil Man. It is a good feeling when he asks his parents every day if he can come over to my place.

After watching Lil Man I visited with my sister for a bit and than headed out for a really easy 3 mile run. I left Traildog at home as I thought he needed a rest day. My legs during this run were super heavy and fully loaded. It took everything I had to just go the 3 miles. Thank goodness for my massage later on that day. Lily worked some serious magic on me as everything was really tight. So tight that when she tried to move my arm it could hardly move the direction she needed it. She always fixes me and seems to always have a spot for me especially since I call so last minute. Thank you Lily for working your magic and thank you Lil Man for such a awesome day.
Such happy boys!

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